New Brunswick Collections Group Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Present: Howard Dess (chair), Mary Fetzer, Rebecca Gardner, Tom Glynn, Brian
Hancock (recorder), Karen Hartman, Mei Ling Lo, Jackie Mardikian,
Kevin Mulcahy, Laura Mullen, Jim Niessen, Pat Piermatti, John Shephard,
Jane Sloan, Lourdes Vazquez, Karen Wenk, Connie Wu

The meeting was called to order at 9:30am

Agenda: YBP was added after Budget Update

The minutes of the December 10th meeting were approved

Budget Update:
The overall situation is unchanged with the approval plan running a small deficit. Selectors should keep spending from the RPMX fund for missing books.
The amount of non-state monies has increased due in the most
part to interest received on the Van Wagoner fund. The rate of
expenditure over the last month has been strong because of subscription
renewals and the good work of the selectors. As usual, the situation
regarding the Knowledge Initiative is uncertain, rumors abound, and
it appears less and less likely that our funding situation will see any amelioration through this initiative. The approval plan will still need to be supported by expending the principal of a large quasi-endowment. Unfortunately, in this situation, we are going down the non-state funding road to a dead end. Next year, we can expect cancellations, and it is prudent to start planning now. Howard will notify the CDC of this.

The test group has been submitting orders electronically and we
can expect that all selectors can soon use this method. Howard will
invite Mary Page to a future meeting for further updates.

The Use of Non-state Funds for Recurring Costs:
Our historical practice is not to use non-state funds for subscriptions
and other recurring expenditures. It is done in a limited way but
we can't always count on many of these funds from year to year.
However, there are some reliable funds, and even with fluctuations
in annual interest rates, they can generate enough funding to cover some
recurring costs. Of course, recurring expenses should be paid by
state funds, but in reality this is not presently viable. If we want to maintain a research collection, it is necessary to use non-state money.
The Library Administration should push for more state funds to correct this lamentable situation. In conclusion, it should be left to the discretion of the selector, if they have a dedicated, reliable, true endowment.

Strategic Planning for Collections:
A draft strategic planning document was distributed by Howard. Some modifications were recommended. The goals should be in bullet points at the
beginning of the document followed by the narrative which should include the obvious need for better funding. The finished document will be forwarded to CDC and to the Strategic Planning Committee.

Free or Open Resources:
In order to add a “free” or "open source" resource to IRIS and the
A to Z list, submit the "Free Electronic Resources" form which is available
on the staff webpages. At a future meeting we will ask Gracemary's
advice on this matter.

Announcements and Miscellaneous:
The next NBLF meeting will be held at the Douglass Library on January 21st.

A future agenda item was suggested: discuss the mechanism for overseas buying.

The meeting was adjourned at 11am.

Respectfully submitted by Brian Hancock