New Brunswick Collections Group Meeting Minutes
Friday, June 10, 2005

Present: Howard Dess (Chair), Helen Hoffman, Kevin Mulcahy, Ryan Womack, Connie Wu, Rebecca Gardner, Kayo Denda, Mary Fetzer, Gracemary Smulewitz, Tom Glynn, Lourdes Vazquez, Jim Niessen, John Shepard. Ian Bogus (guest), Laura Mullen, Viola Haemmer (guest from Germany), Mei Ling Lo, Constance Finlay, Martin Kesselman, Pat Piermatti, Jeris Cassel. Ying Zhang, Jackie Mardikian (recorder),

Being that this was the last meeting chaired by the current Chair and Sub Chairs, Connie thanked Howard and the NBCG budget allocation committee, and special treats were served.

The Disaster Planning agenda was moved up so that Ian Bogus did not have to sit until the end of the meeting. The rest of the agenda was approved.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Budget Review and Update:

Howard distributed and reviewed the NB collections budget. The budget looks more optimistic for next year. Expect changes in collection budget procedures next year. We have no details on these procedures yet.

Kevin encouraged selectors to get support from their departments when discussing needs for databases and expensive resources in their subject areas. One powerful strategy may be to ask departments to directly approach University Administration with their needs for library materials.

Disaster Planning for Collections:

Ian Bogus distributed a “Collection Priorities for Disaster Recovery” and walked us through the criteria and priorities. We have to examine our priorities of collections in case of a large-scale disaster. Which collections do we salvage first and send them to be professionally freeze dried? Mold can start growing after 48 hours. A system-wide plan should be initiated to determine collection priorities including details by call number ranges. In the mean time, Ian wanted to make us all aware, so we can start thinking about the most important areas in our subjects. Kevin will keep this topic in the forefront of our thinking for next academic year.

NBCG Governance Update:

The Humanities Sub-Chair position needs to be filled for a two- year term. Kevin cannot continue working in both capacities as Sub-Chair for the Humanities and Chair of NBCG. Lourdes volunteered to be Sub-Chair for the Humanities. Kevin will cover for Lourdes for 6 months while she is on sabbatical. The group agreed that this is a good solution.

Fund Code Revisions:

Gracemary explained how the Review Task Force came up with the process of assigning subject codes to the ELPX electronic subscriptions. The 4 electronic sub-group chairs for CDC reviewed the new codes. She answered questions that arose from the group.

Report on the GOBI online Workshop :

None of the selectors took advantage of this presentation. There was no report.

Miscellaneous and announcements:

Kevin -He has had much success in running reports on GOBI.

Howard - Only abstracts were showing up on Science Direct. It is still very slow, but the problem is being solved.

Ryan - A Social Sciences listserv has been established.

Laura- If you have any reactions to “Library Connect” from Elsevier, tell Laura about it. She is planning on attending a session at ALA.