New Brunswick Collections Group Meeting Minutes
January 27, 2006
Pane Room, Alexander Library

Present: Ellen Calhoun, Jeris Cassel, Kayo Denda, Howard Dess, Mary Fetzer, Constance Finlay, Rebecca Gardner, Tom Glynn, Sara Harrington, Karen Hartman, Bill Hemmig, Helen Hoffman, Triveni Kuchi, Patricia Libutti, Mei Ling Lo, Jackie Mardikian, Kevin Mulcahy(Chair), Laura Mullen(recorder), Jim Niessen, Pat Piermatti, John Shepard, Jane Sloan, Gracemary Smulewitz, Myoung Wilson, Ryan Womack, Ying Zhang

  1. Approval of Agenda: change in agenda: Kayo Denda: Purchasing “table of contents” records to enhance monograph records (ToCs currently lacking from YBP)-to follow item #5 in agenda.

  2. Approval of Minutes: Minutes of Dec. 2, 2005 NBCG meeting submitted by Mei Ling Lo approved.

  3. NBCG Chair’s Report (KM): 2006 allocations slightly up, but slightly down in monographs. Overall budget up 6% over the past two years; state money hasn’t done as well. Gifts and phonathon falling off a bit. As for free balance, in monographs there is a 62% free balance as of 1/25-that is OK as the assumption is that there is a lot in the queue. Reminder to selectors to spend state money first and as soon as possible. As for approvals, good free balance at this time. However, non-state approvals currently “in the hole” by $211,000

    KM reports from PSC and CDC about Sirsi’s “Director’s Station” demonstrations. Targeted training for selectors is expected to take place in the Spring. This program will allow selectors to run a large variety of reports and use data to see trends in collections, etc. Program allows automated alerts and allows users to “drill down to more granular data.” Examples of use might be to get lists of “most checked out titles,” analyzing most-used areas by subject, etc. Program allows easy exporting to Excel, sharing reports, use of circulation data, and graphical presentations. The program will support IE, Netscape and possibly Firefox, data is ~2 days old and is FTP’d from a central location. Company will provide consulting time to RUL, and logins will be given at training. 10 simultaneous users will be allowed and the best time to use DS will be 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Should be very useful in collections work.

  4. Team Leader Updates (RG, RW, JC): JC reports that NB reference group will meet and reports also for GERT. NewsBank Access World News has been approved by CDC; includes 1800 titles. RUL will have much more extensive newspaper coverage than we currently have; package includes 840 North American titles. Includes full text and MARC records, 30 simultaneous users. Still won’t be getting full text of L.A. Times, Chicago Tribune-they can be bought separately. Encyclopedia Britannica will not be recommended at this time-at a cost of 18000+ annually and as a product, it is currently unimpressive. XreferPlus will be kept on the list and may be considered as a customized product of 100 titles of interest to RUL. Oxford Ref. is still being analyzed by GERT-AAU universities are being studied-info. will be shared with NBRef. Subgroup. RG for Sciences-all allocations have been made and selectors are spending; RW reports that SS money has all been allocated as well and welcomes any questions from selectors.

  5. Electronic Acquisitions Update-Electronic Resources Team Leaders (SH, LM, KH):

    SH reporting for systemwide central spending for Arts and Humanities: Eighteenth Century Collections Online(ECCO) and Literature Online(LION) are on the “Forthcoming” list and are in process. Discussions are ongoing regarding the acquisition of JSTOR 3. With the 11,275.00 allocation from Central, team has considered the following submissions: Latino Literature, DigiZeitschriften, Black Studies Center, Latin American Women Writers, and Early American Newspapers, Series I, 1690-1876. Approved at CDC were Latino Literature, partial funding for DigiZeitschriften, and recommendation to give remaining money to Black Studies Center. More funding is sought for Black Studies Center.

    KH reporting for Social Sciences: Seven databases have been approved by CDC; $6700.00 remains. Approved are: Accounting Research Manager, Asia Studies Full-Text Online, Elsevier Book Series-Psychology package, Family & Society Studies Worldwide(now available to users), FAOSTAT, Mintel Reports, SA ePublications/Sabinet Online-SocSci/Humanities package. Also, from selector funds and of interest to social scientists is “PsychiatryOnline,” containing the DSM series and now available to users. TG would like to discuss changing default on CSA databases from “basic” to “advanced.” MCW reports that SCILS has been approached directly by CSA to purchase databases, bypassing the library. CSA has acquired Bowker and Community of Scholars.

    LM reporting for Science: 10 databases have been approved by CDC: some money remains but print cancellations must be figured in and that has been difficult. Approved and soon to be ordered are: American Society for Microbiology online journal package, Cell Metabolism, CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, Facts and Comparisons (including Review of Natural Products), Merck Index, Methods in Enzymology, StatsNetBase (statistics emonographs from CRC), Traffic(cellular transport journal), Annual Reviews Online (32 titles), Nutrition Care Manual. Annual Reviews will require cancellation of many print titles system-wide. Courtesy email is to be sent to all selectors in the case of print cancellations. This needs more discussion. Science Networked Resources Evaluation Team is discussing nine more submissions that may be seen on the “Central Funds Requests” webpage.

    GS: Wishes to compliment Serials Team for all of its work throughout the process of serials acquisition and cancellation from the investigation stage all the way through to “in use by patrons.” The complexity of the work is emphasized.

  6. YBP-Tables of Contents not available (KD): Kayo reported on the lack of “tables of contents” in services provided by YBP as part of the approval plan. Blackwell did provide this level of cataloging to RUL with the previous approval plan. KD asks whether selectors feel that this is an important issue that we need to put on the table with YBP. KD and others feel that ToC added to records are extremely valuable and that RUL should look into other vendors/services that could provide this level of cataloging detail. Should this be brought to CDC? JS reported bringing this issue to TSC last month and the issue was not felt to be important there. To gather more information, JS and KD will investigate and report back to NBCG. It seems that a level of discovery has been lost and this is important to librarians/researchers

  7. Update on shelf-ready approval books and YBP session (KM): KM reported that the sessions with Steve Hyndman from YBP went well and most call number areas were assigned locations as RUL moves to shelf-ready. KM will find out whether YBP will be reporting back to selectors who had asked Steve subject-specific questions at the profiling session.

  8. Media Acquisitions(JS): Jane gave an update on the collections and funding issues facing Media. Media has been reinserted back into the state funds budget. Media is funded by state and non-state funds in the amount of 25-30,000 dollars. JS provided analysis from other ARL libraries showing that RUL has been conservative about moving monies into non-text areas. Media receives many requests; one-third of the budget is spent on faculty requests, including requests from Camden. Some selectors have given additional money to Jane for collection support, especially social sciences selectors. Collaboration with selectors is important and good deals can be made on “batch” purchases. JS has also used some reserve funds for faculty requests. Some money has been transferred to Media collections from operations-~$5000.00 this year. Currently, JS is working with dance, Latin American materials have been purchased, and there have been purchases of materials focusing on South Asia and Italy. JS would welcome hearing from any selector as far as potential acquisitions for Media. JS also mentioned being involved in reviewing media for “Educational Media Reviews Online(Buffalo).” Any selector is invited to get involved in the reviewing process alongside Jane-and RUL would get to keep the video/film. Not much science is collected-should we focus on science? Ongoing issue of tapes vs. DVDs-either can be purchased. DVDs are getting cheaper and we must adjust to collecting more DVDs. Format conversion is always done as needed. As for streaming media, VALE is offering packages/NJ EDGE. They may focus on the sciences. Sciences selectors comment that this issue needs more analysis as timeliness of information presented is an issue.

  9. Kilmer Collection Changes (RW): Ryan reports on new initiatives at Kilmer-carpet installation is prompting changes. The “business counters” no longer exist-IRIS will no longer show this location. Weeding the Ref. collection is ongoing as is clean-up of the Kilmer print periodical collections. Number of print titles has been shrinking, some titles will be removed to Alex., and some print materials that are available online will be discarded. Goal is a smaller collection of active current periodicals. Selectors will be contacted as needed about ref. and periodical titles that need decisions. Ref. stacks may move to create more open space with that will include a small recreational reading collection. Microfilm collections will be consolidated also. More attractive study space will be realized by opening up areas.

  10. Draft Gift Policy (JS): [we’re looking for NBL input on documents currently being reviewed by CDC]. Documents were sent as attachments to NBCG list along with agenda. Gift Policy Task Force (CDC) is pulling together existing gift policies and needs feedback from selectors. John asked for comments on the “review form” that would be filled out by selectors when accepting gift collections of more than 200 books(or 50 cubic feet of material/manuscripts). A general concern was raised that cataloging staff issues are impacting what we can accept. Caution was raised about acquiring any gift with long term implications for collection development and difficulty with “deposit collections.” Selectors felt that it would be wise to add a statement to the documents presented about the amount of time and manpower (cataloging) is required to accept collections of gift books from patrons. Further comments may be directed to John Shepard.

  11. Last Copy Policy-Preliminary Discussion: tabled until future meeting

  12. Meeting adjourned –11:30. Next NBCG meeting to be held Feb. 24, 9:30 a.m., LSM Special Collections Rm.

    Respectfully submitted 1/31/06 by Laura Bowering Mullen.