New Brunswick Collections Group Meeting - February 23, 2007

Attendees:   K. Mulcahy, K. Hartman, T. Kuchi, L. Vazquez, P. Piermatti, L. Mullen, R. Womack, H. Hoffman, M. Lo, H. Dess, R. Gardner, M. Fetzer, J. Niessen, J. Shepard, K.Denda, J. Sloan

  1. Agenda approved

  2. Minutes of January 26 approved.

  3. Chairís report. Overall budget is OK, except for the approval plan. GEAB is already spent and after 2 weeks expenditure from the Van Wagoner fund, a new infusion of cash will be necessary, or an exit from the approval plan commitment. The Van Wagoner fund must be spared in order to support foreign language and non-book format acquisitions, among other needs. Next year, the funding of the approval plan will continue to be a serious problem. Discussion of its plight led to agreement that it would be best from a budgetary standpoint to establish the approval budget as a "fixed cost." Kevin volunteered to write a letter to the University Librarian and invite her to a future NBCG meeting to discuss this possibility.

    Non-state funds are still left, but must be spent now.

  4. Reports from Team leaders. Updates were made on current recruitment efforts.

  5. Visitors Mary Page and Janet Howard opened discussion on ordering procedures and best practices. Gobi orders are batch processed every morning. Orders received through electronic online form are placed in the queue in the order received. Orders received through campus mail are also placed in the queue as they are received. All mail orders -- regardless of special needs or knowledge on the part of the selector that a specific individual creates specific types of orders -- should be mailed to:
    Acquisitions Dept.

    Quickest method is to send information by electronic form or Gobi.

    During lengthy discussion of the acquisitions process concerns were raised about the varying period of time from order to shelving. Kevin will draft a letter to the administration detailing these concerns. Also, Mary Page, Kayo, John S. and Jane (Gracemary will also be invited) volunteered to study and create an overview of the order/catalog process with the intent of assessing the adequacy of staffing.

  6. Harvesting Data on Faculty research and teaching interest. Kayo reported on a plan she is devising in collaboration with Mei Ling Lo and Jim Niessen. They intend to collect and assess information on the research activities and interests of Rutgers NB faculty. This will enable NBL/RUL to align resources and services more strategically to serve real needs of our constituents. Their effort will contribute to the following goals of RUL Strategic Plan, 2006-2011: to improve the quality of scholarly resources and information services, and increase the Librariesí resources to the levels of peer AAU public universities.