New Brunswick Collections Group Meeting Minutes
March 30th, 2007

Present:   Jeris Cassel, Kayo Denda, Constance Finlay, Rebecca Gardner, Sara Harrington, Triveni Kuchi, Mary Fetzer, Tom Glynn, John Shepard, Helen Hoffman, Mei Ling Lo, Kevin Mulcahy (chair), Laura Mullen, Pat Piermatti, Jane Sloan, Marty Kesselman, Ryan Womack, Lourdes Vázquez (recorder), Connie Wu.
Guests:  Marianne Gaunt, Bob Sewell

  1. The agenda was approved.

  2. The minutes for February 23 will be approved in the next meeting.

  3. Report of the Chair.

  4. The Chair gave an introduction of the purpose of the visit to MG and BS.

    Budget Status: Approval Plan: A report was given by KM on the status of state and non-state funds (two spreadsheets were distributed).

    Updates from Team Leaders: Reports by team leaders: The Humanities Subgroup chair informed that this year Latino Studies received the first non-state funds. Last year Performing Arts began receiving non-state funds. The Social Sciences Subgroup chair informed that spending was continuing and that $1000 in additional endowment funding was offered to each selector to try to spend more in this fiscal year.

  5. Discussion of Collections budget issues with guests M.Gaunt and B. Sewell. A dynamic discussion took placed. Some of the issues presented were:

    Some of the recommendations to MG and BS were:

    General recommendations/ideas/concerns:

  6. NBCG Elections. Some NBCG will be vacant and elections will be in process: Chair for the NBCG Group, and Chairs for the following subgroups: Reference, Social Sciences and Sciences. A clarification was made as per the Chair for the Humanities Subgroup. This particular election will take place in one more year. KM will be sending (through Charlene) the voting ballots during April.

  7. Updated on Projects: A report was given for the Selector Took Kit (Mullen) and the Harvesting Faculty Data (Denda) projects.

  8. Announcements:

    The search for East Asia Librarians and the Social Sciences Data Librarian is in process. The search for the Humanities Librarian concluded. We are waiting for an offer to the candidate chosen.

    Connie Wu: Confucius Institute at Rutgers: The institutes are established by the government of China and are meant to support the expansion of Chinese language and culture abroad. The Institute in Rutgers will be launch soon.

    Travel Funds for ALA report by Marty Kesselman.

    The Labor Library received the John Sessions Memorial Award.

    The Music Department went through the Re-accreditation process, with very positive remarks to the library.

    The Pharmacy department re-accreditation is taken place this spring.

Adjournment at 11:30 a.m.