Minutes of the New Brunswick Library Collection Development Group (NBCG)

October 26, 2007

Present: Kevin Mulcahy (Chair), J. Cassel, Tao Yang, K. Denda, G. Smulewitz, M. Fetzer, H. Dess, D. Shulman, J. Niessen, R. Gardner, M. Lo, P. Piermatti, M. Kesselman, R. Womack, M. Wilson (Recorder)

  1. Kevin introduced new colleagues, Tao Yang (East Asian) and Donna Shulman (SMLR).
  1. Minutes of the September 21st NBCG meeting were approved without revision. 
  1. Chair’s Report

Budget updates:

CDC updates:

Acquisitions updates:

Team Leaders Report

DTS is logging price increases of 20% or more for the 2008 subscription period.  The price increases thus far have totaled approximately $66,000 and average a 29% increase for the titles in question.  Normal price increases average between 7-12%.  For 2009 we will monitor price increases of 15% or more to have a better understanding of expenses.  In many instances the price increases this year were due to a change in offerings from certain publishers: Haworth, Oxford and Cambridge. In some instances we had online access for free with print and now a large fee was applied to maintain a combined subscription.  The circumstances were presented to CDC and it was agreed to move all Haworth titles to online only and cancel duplicate print subscriptions and to change all Cambridge and Oxford titles to online only.  These changes along with special rates from our NERL association will save the libraries $27,149 and provide access to an additional 186 titles.   It's an offer we cannot refuse.


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Respectfully submitted by,
Myoung C. Wilson
Secretary pro temp