Minutes of January 18, 2008 Meeting

J. Cassel, K. Denda, H. Dess, M. Fetzer (recorder), R. Gardner, T. Glynn, K. Hartman, H. Hoffman, T. Izbicki, T. Kuchi, M. Lo, K. Mulcahy (Chair), L. Mullen, J. Niessen, P. Piermatti, J. Shepard, G. Smulewitz, F. Tehrani, M. Wilson, R. Womack, C. Wu, T. Yang

The agenda and the minutes of our October meeting were both approved.

Chair's Report

Chair distributed several handouts including a YBP Approval Plan report and All Funds Summaries. The $180,504 spent on approvals in the first two quarters represents about 50% less than was spent on YPB for the same period last year. Another roughly $30,000 was spent on other approval plans for art. Figures show a decline of about $10 in the average price of books, given our move to paperbacks where possible. The RUL All Funds Summary confirms the large percentage of the budget now devoted to RUONLINE materials. Also, the negative free balances on the NB All Funds Summary suggest the amount we are tapping into Van Wagoner for overages. Kevin also noted that the $8,650,526 budgeted for FY2008 is less than the approximately $9.1 K budgeted last fiscal year, indicating fewer non-state monies. We were reminded to get our non-state orders out so that they can get in the pipeline at Acquisitions. If we are having a hard time with spending, given our short window to spend, it might be advisable to consider some larger packages. Jim mentioned that Alexander has hired six new reference assistants who are available to do some pre-order searching.

Selectors were urged to monitor their approval plans and to check GOBI, especially where changes have been made. Ryan cited his experience with changing certain material types to slips, but later discovered that YBP sent only about 20 books in the field of economics. Monitoring is also advisable to ensure that we are not acquiring books from marginal publishers.

Laura said that Steve Sutton from YBP is willing to come to provide training on GOBI 3, and it was decided that we will invite him to our February NBCG meeting. Kevin still has not had any response to our request for J-Client training.

Kevin is on the Senate's Budget and Finance Committee and provided extensive notes on fall meeting discussions. He highlighted, in particular, Carol Herring's presentation on activities of the Rutgers Foundation and the amounts that come from various sectors (alumni, friends, corporations, other foundations). It is estimated that it takes 21 cents to raise one dollar. The Foundation has been trying to capitalize on special interests or "passions" of donors in reaching out to them. Harry Glazer will be talking to CDC about best practices in cultivating donors.

Kevin indicated that he has not received any new updates on this year's budget. NJLA is mounting a postcard campaign as a result of budget cuts in public libraries. There is no word about NJKI and we presume that is not good news. This spring we will need to look at our options with the likelihood of another bad budget year. Kevin's own thinking is that, since we cannot get databases via ILL as we can books and journal articles, we may need to privilege full text databases.

There will also be need for an NBCG election this spring. Jeris' term will be up as reference team leader, and we will need to elect a humanities team leader also. Kevin will plan to finish his term out and then go on sabbatical in 2009.

Team Leader Reports

Jeris has been looking at the Oxford Classical package and other digital reference packages. Since many libraries appear to be downsizing their print reference collections, we need to think about collaborative approaches with Newark and Camden to make more digital reference titles available and prevent duplication of print copies of these same titles. Sometimes it is the continuing maintenance fees that hold purchases up. Send any requests for digital reference packages/titles to the generalist team.

Jeris has also been working on dispersing the microfom collection held by Kilmer. She has sent out 12 segments to individual selectors, and will be sending out another seven. She is receiving good responses, and various gaps in collections are being filled, etc. Suggestions are also welcome regarding where to send microfilm titles withdrawn from the collection. Shipping charges will probably need to be borne by recipients.

For the sciences team, Rebecca commented on the short time frame in which we have monies available to order. The problem has been addressed in CDC with Mary Beth Weber and Mary Page present, and they are willing to work with us, but Bob and Grace were not present. Bob seems to be considering a twice a year release of funds; Kevin will continue to push on this.

Ryan reminded social science selectors to continue spending. There was also some discussion of the possibility of selectors using Coutts' OASIS database since Coutts has a Canadian and Western European operation through Nihoff.

Online Packages

Gracemary reported that she and her staff have successfully made all the changes necessary for us to receive about 850 online titles from Cambridge, Oxford, and Sage packages. At the same time, duplicate print titles were cancelled and money saved. Because of efficiencies in the new packages we will receive substantially more journals at an additional cost of only $6,000. The list of titles will be posted on Sakai. All the subscriptions will also be moved to "O" funds and should be appearing in IRIS soon. The arrival of these online titles might be newsworthy and Harry should be notified.


Farideh has hired, via salary savings, a 25-30 hour/week library school student, Vernon Lucas, to repair books. Vernon has already begun and is returning repaired books to the stacks. Books from all libraries found to be in need of repair are now being placed on shelves in the EAL Preservation Lab by call number. Selectors should routinely examine the shelves to make decisions regarding disposition of the books; they will stay there until a decision is rendered. Be careful not to withdraw last copy items.

Gift books will remain, at least for Alexander, in the Alexander Administrative suite and should be examined before sending them for cataloging. Moldy books removed from the stacks are going to a faculty study on the third floor of Alexander. Three boxes have been sent for treatment so far.

ALA Updates

Tom I., Laura, Karen, Jim, Gracemary, and Tom G. all commented on various findings from ALA in Philadelphia. Included were:


Since this could be the last meetings for Howard and Pat, Kevin extended the group's thanks for all of their contributions. Applause followed! The meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Fetzer

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