Minutes of February 15, 2008 Meeting

Caviness, Denda, Fetzer, R. Gardner (recorder), Harrington, Hartman, Izbicki, Kuchi, Lucas, Mardikian, Mulcahy (chair), Niessen, Piermatti, Sewell, Shepard, Sloan, Smulewitz, Tehrani, Wilson, Wu.

1. The meeting began with an overview of the new "J-Client" version of workflows. Mary Page and Chris Sterback walked us through desktop customizations and best methods for searching books, electronic access, funds and order records. They provided very useful handouts and the group greatly appreciated their demonstration.

2. The agenda was approved following a request to move item # 8, "Discussion of NBCG priorities for salary savings funds", to the top.

8. The amount of salary savings money available for new resources for collections depends partially on whether or not NJKI continues to be funded by the state for the next four months. If we need to put money toward continuing these databases there will be much less that can be spent on other one time purchases. Although the NJKI situation is difficult to predict at this time, we were encouraged to have wishlists ready for discussion at the February CDC meeting. Campus wide CDC subject electronic resource coordinators will consult with their teams for input before the meeting. Priorities for spending salary savings money will be discussed at the March 11th Cabinet meeting.

The suggestion that we might consider dropping journal subscriptions in favor of keeping or adding indexes and databases was voiced. The rationale is that people can get copies of articles fairly quickly via interlibrary loan, but if we don't have the index they need then they are out of luck.

3. January minutes were approved with a couple of minor corrections. A revised set will be sent out.

4. Chair's report: Kevin gave budget and approval updates with accompanying handouts. He urged everyone to spend non-state funds quickly and reminded us that any money left in endowment accounts will go back to the principle. Several members of the group stated that items ordered via YBP seem to be cataloged to incorrect libraries too often. This may be a result of defaults in YBP at the time of selecting. Gracemary offered to investigate. It was also noted that there are many errors and discrepancies in the catalog-how much can/should be addressed? A search committee for a special formats cataloger has been formed. Gracemary stated that the whole process of order, receipt, paid, cataloged, etc. is being looked at in detail by ASAWG (Automated Serials and Acquisitions Work Group).

5. Team leader reports: No reports.

6. The group welcomed Vernon Lucas, a new staff person working in the preservation area. Vernon announced that the preservation lab, located near the East Asian library, is fully functional and staffed 5 days per week. He is making progress with the boxes of books needing attention. All boxes have been emptied and the materials arranged on shelves in call number order. Librarians are encouraged to stop by the lab to review books in their subject areas and to meet Vernon. In general, items in need of repair should be sent first to the binding staff. Items will get charged to "preservation". Bindery staff will decide whether materials can be handled in their department or should be sent up to the preservation lab.

7. Distributed Technical Services report: Gracemary announced that with the new Sage, Cambridge and Oxford packages we will be getting access to about 400 new titles for about $6,000. The title list is on the T drive and can be sorted by fund code.

9. Announcements: Gracemary announced that Jamie Maguire is the new coordinator for bindery and end processing for all libraries.

The group gave special thanks and recognition to our two retiring colleagues, Howard Dess and Pat Piermatti.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/nbl/nbcg/minutes/nbcgmin_08_02_15.shtml
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