Minutes of November 21, 2008 Meeting

Cassel; Denda; fetzer; R. Gardner; Glynn; Harrington; Hartman; Hoffman; Izbicki (recorder); Kuchi; Lo; Mardikian; Mulcahy (chair); Mullen; Niessen; Schulman; Sewell; Smulewitz; Wilson; Womack; Yang

1. Agenda was approved as distributed

2. Minutes of the July 18 and September 19 meetings were approved as distributed

3. Report of the chair (Mulcahy)

4. Library Resources Council (Fetzer)

5. Distributed Technical Services (Smulewitz)

6. Collection Management Projects Update

7. Living in Hard Times

An intensive discussion ensued. Issues addressed included the value of ownership instead of access, the role of the Rutgers Libraries as research libraries., lost faculty lines, alternative hiring strategies (such as cluster hires) and new lines specified in the AAUP contract. Much of the discussion turned on how to justify being a research library in the Internet age.

8. Announcements

After adjournment, subject librarians met with their team leaders to discuss budgets.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/nbl/nbcg/minutes/nbcgmin_08_11_21.shtml
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