Minutes of April 17, 2009 Meeting

Jeris Cassel, Kayo Denda, Mary Fetzer, Rebecca Gardner, Melissa Gasparotto, Tom Glynn, Sara Harrington, Helen Hoffman, Qian Hu, Martin Kesselman, Mei Ling Lo, Jackie Mardikian (recorder) Kevin Mulcahy (chair), Laura Mullen, Jim Niessen, Donna Schulman, Jane Sloan, Graceamy Smulewitz, Farideh Tehrani, Myoung Wilson, Ryan Womack, Connie Wu, Tao Yang

Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was approved with one addition for a brief report from the Committee on Scholarly Communication.

Approval of the Minutes of the February 20, 2009 Meeting (originally distributed in March by Mei Ling, subsequently revised and now attached). The minutes were approved.

Report of the Chair--K. Mulcahy

Kevin introduced Melissa Gasparotto, the new Area Studies Librarian to the group.

Kevin distributed the revised budget status. He highlighted the small faculty approval plan that allows us to acquire monographs published by Rutgers faculty (including science faculty), the Art and Reference titles on the YBP plan. The New Brunswick budget summary shows that we are where we ought to be in our spending. He explained some of the free balance figures, which will go towards one time purchases.

Kevin has been examining circulation data. He has found that the shelf life of books in the Humanities has continued. There does not seem to be consistency in usage of University Press titles. Kevin will share detailed results with us at a later date. Gracemary reported that Access Services has been keeping in-house use statistics. Gracemary was asked to report back to the group with details of which libraries and collections are actually keeping in-house statistics at a future meeting.

Kevin reminded us that the terms of the NBCG Chair and the Science Sub-Chair are running out in June. Self-nomination and nominating others can be done by-email. Make sure you check before you nominate others in the group. As in previous years, he will work with Charlene in the election process.

Kevin reminded us that the RFPs for the approval plan and for our subscription services will be going out for bidding soon. We expect there will be 3 bidding approval plan vendors.

Team Leader Reports--J. Cassel, R. Gardner, S. Harrington, R. Womack

Jeris will send out the list of selected reference titles.

Sara thanked the team and will hold a meeting in June.

Ryan recommended that selectors check that the tiles they selected have been ordered and received. The team will meet on May 1st.

Report on Library Resources Council Meeting (4/16/09)--M. Fetzer

The process for vetting one time purchases for databases with the team leaders has been progressing well. Mary reported that replacing LexisNexis Academic with Westlaw Campus Research will result in a $40,000 saving. The committee is looking at overlap in coverage in such databases as Academic Search Premier and the Wilson OmniFile. We all need to continue examining databases and standing orders and analyzing costs per title in order to come up with additional savings. LRC's target for cuts is $700.00. They are getting close to this figure. The science team with Laura as team leader was asked to compare Web of Science and Scopus again. Gracemary was asked to submit the usage data for e-journals from Serials Solutions at the next NBCG meeting. We discussed The ETD collection which gets added to RUCore first. NBCG strongly recommended that the department field is displayed, and that we understand the timetable in the acquisition and processing of titles so we can serve our users better.

DTS Update. G. Smulewitz

Gracemary's department has been charged to help the Acquisitions department. Two people from DTS have been trained to handle the circulation on the fly materials. One of the goals is cross training. Gracemary reported on the completion of the weeding project in reference which was sent to Annex, and the completion of the first phase of the transfer of the Alexander Business collection. DTS is working on prioritizing weeding projects in a cuing system.

Selector Notifications--R. Gardner

Rebecca explained some glitches in the notification process. She asked for volunteers to help streamline a process to notify selectors of received purchases. Meiling Lo, Tom Glynn, and Rebecca Gardner will meet and discuss ways to standardize the notification process, and by working with Chris Sterback have the system generate automatic reports. Rebecca was asked to report back at the next NBCG meeting.

Report of the Committee on Scholarly Communication - J. Niessen

Jim distributed a draft letter written by Rhonda Marker which selectors can use to solicit faculty and the identified institutes to deposit research materials to RUCore. Selectors can change the suggested wording and can work with Rhonda as they see fit. The procedures and demands on staff for producing e-journals are not as cumbersome as originally thought. Helping departments produce e-journals may become a new role for liaison librarians.

Budget Planning for FY 2009-2010--All

Many ideas originated for economizing and saving. We need to re-examine our standing orders, reference materials, duplication in databases, re-examine approval plan profiles and making them stricter. The serials team can help with any overlap and pricing analysis. The Libraries are already negotiating better pricing models with vendors, as well as negotiating with new vendors.

The Future of Books at RUL, continued

K. Denda, K. Mulcahy, and J. Sloan will report on some discussions with Bob Sewell and some tentative strategies.

A general concern about the importance of books in the collection was voiced. Advocating for the importance of the monograph could be an important role for the Faculty Coordinator. A suggestion was made to bring in a panel of faculty, librarians, graduate students and other experts to educate all of us on the content value of monographs in the future.

Announcements, Updates

Laura asked if any librarian is interested in new scientology books that were delivered to her office.

Jim reminded us of the SAPAC program on the Google Books Settlement on April 30.

Jackie and all congratulated Marty and Karen on their promotions.

Kayo reminded us of the presentation on the VIVO Directory on April 20.

Jane reminded us that we can order video materials in our subject areas. Jane will help us get pricing information.

Next meeting date?

Kevin will ask one of the team leaders to chair the May 22nd meeting in his place. The last meeting of the academic year is on June 19.

The meeting adjourned at 11:45.

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