Minutes of June 17, 2009 Meeting

M Wilson, G Spring, T Kuchi, R Gardner, J Sloan, S Harrington, Q Hu, M Lo, H Hoffman, J Cassel, J Niessen, J Gardner, T Glynn, R Womack, M Kesselman, T Izbicki, M Fetzer, T Yang, M Gasparotto, K Hartman, L Mullen

Agenda approved and minutes of 4/20 approved.

Welcome to Gene Springs. Welcome to new and continuing NBCG Officers: Ryan (new chair), Rebecca (science), Jeris (reference), Karen (social sciences), Sara (arts/humanities).

NBCG Update-Kevin: handouts on funding. Free balance of -$182K will probably zero out with all accounting completed but 398K additional towards approval plan which dips into the Van Waggoner principal. Central and E-Resources now account for 50% of the materials budget. Looking at YBP, Coutts and Blackwell approval plans - please give feedback to Kevin, Tom I, Karen, and Laura. Art Plan with YBP was revised. Kevin suggested keeping a file of marginal books rec'd to get an idea of why we rec'd them and ways you might tweak your profile.

Team Leaders: Jeris had sent via email a list of new e-ref titles, Rebecca- science all spent out, Sara - meeting July 23 regarding strategies for next year, Ryan - can provide minutes of previous social science meetings for those interested.

LRC - Mary: serials vendor input should be given to Mary, Kayo, and Greacemary. Handed out one time purchases. Some money may still be available. Paying for Wilson Omnifile for next year. Funding is still unknown for Academic Search Premiere and Business Source Premiere but Business Source Premiere has been paid up at this time. A new Book Donation Policy and Form are listed under staff resources - collection development policies and this policy will be discussed at a future NBCG meeting. See the interim Ebook TF report which was distributed with the last LRC Agenda. The report includes all the issues involved and the library must decide how we get money for ebook packages. Some comments: please send any comments you get about the cancellation of Lexis/Nexis to Tom G and Mary. Myoung expressed the need for flexibility for one time money for print sets besides online. Kevin noted the need for non-state funds throughout the year, Laura noted that RPMX funds (T Drive) can be used for replacement and the only requirement is "related" to the materials lost.

Gracemary unable to attend due to other meetings.

Selector Notifications-Rebecca: met with acquisitions staff. Trials are being done with barcodes for automatic notifications. To notify non-library faculty - add a note to the order request or in Gobi.

Douglass Music Task Force -Jane: See handouts distributed by email. This was an information ession in advance of discussion and support at next NBLF meeting. Suggestions were made for integrating Music Journals with the other Douglass Journals, combining media and access services staff into one unit, maintaining viewing stations at Kilmer and adding some at Alex, use old media/music area for librarian office spaces, transfer the Fordham Lab to OIT due to loss of staff line and need for tech support and updating of software, remove music reference desk and currently relying on VSEE for remote music reference by Tom I, access services providing all information services during the summer. Suggestions: explore streaming video to remote sites and users. When merging print journals move those with online counterparts to annex.

2009/10 Planning-Ryan: Think about ideas for next meeting.

Announcements: Sarah-Bibliog of History of Art and Avery moving to other vendors and may be more expensive. Ryan-can provide assistance with the use of data resources for classes including distributing dat ets. Laua-APA manuals ordered for those sites that requested them. Kevin-Alex and Kilmer undergoing carpeting so some areas will be closed or inaccessible.

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