Minutes of July 17, 2009 Meeting

M Fetzer, J Cassel, M Gasparotto, R Gardner, J Niessen, B Sewell, T Kuchi, R Womack (chair), C Wu, K Denda, H Hoffman, J Mardikian, Q Hu, K Mulcahy, M Wilson, G Smulewitz, D Schulman, G Springs (recorder)

1. Agenda approved

2. 6/17/2009 Minutes approved

3. Chair Report – Womack

Ryan had no major announcements to report.

4. Team Leader Updates – Cassel, Gardner, Harrington, Hartman

No team leader updates due to vacation/absences

5. LexisNexis/Westlaw Update - Fetzer

Mary updated the status of the move from LN Academic to Westlaw. Training sessions for Westlaw will be on 8/27, 9/15, and 10/1. LN Academic is still active, no timetable for when access will end. No timetable for IRIS records for Westlaw. Myoung asked about transcripts in Westlaw, as this was a popular service for SC&I faculty. Mary or Tom Glynn will follow up.

6. Library Resources Council Update – Sewell

Bob gave a summary of the end of FY 2009: 51% of total expenditures were e-resources; $569K in one-time e-resources purchased. FY 2010: reduction target of $725K; in particular Science Direct will be examined. Gracemary noted that titles are dropped and added all of the time, and that DTS is working on grouping titles we already have in Science Direct by fund code/subject. Gracemary also noted that the FY 2009 one-time e-resources are listed on the T:drive and selectors will be notified when they are available so web pages can be updated. Bob reminded the selectors to make use of the non-state funds for books; Ryan will allocate the funds. Mary announced that she is the new LRC chair and that Tom Izbiki is the LRC rep to Planning & Coordinating committee. Bob announced that Jim is cycling off as chair of the Committee for Scholarly Communication; Qian and Melissa are new members along with Jeanne, Grace, and Valeda. Bob's office has been relocated to LSM during the Alexander carpet renovations.

7. Sakai and NBCG - Womack

Ryan proposed to communicate and archive all NBCG discussion and materials on Sakai. No objections to this move. Ryan asked each member to expect a confirmation email once they had been added to Sakai. Gracemary reminded everyone that there is a selector’s Sakai site as well, which was particularly useful for having selectors look at cancellations lists.

8. Plans for Academic Year 2009/2010 - All

Ryan proposed an on-going series of investigations into collection trends using Director’s Station, perhaps even incorporating Director’s Station training into NBCG meetings. Triveni would like to explore how we can improve and sustain liaison relationships. Kevin proposed exploring the possibility of an endowment for the approval plan, would need at least $12.5M to start with; suggested bringing Tara McDonnell in to discuss options. Jim suggested examining patron-driven print-on-demand options as a supplement to the approval plan.

9. Announcements

Ryan reminded everyone to stop by the preservation office near the East Asian Library to make preservation decisions. Gracemary announced that DTS has calculated cost per use using use data from Counter, and that the Serials team can produce data for individual databases. Kevin announced that the carpeting project at Alexander had been delayed, and Kayo announced that the bridge improvement project at Douglass was also delayed.

10. Adjourned at 10:50 AM

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