Minutes of October 16, 2009 Meeting

Mary Belinsky, Kathy Brannon (guest), Jeris Cassel, Kayo Denda, Rebecca Gardner, Melissa Gasparotto, Tom Glynn, Sara Harrington, Karen Hartman, Helen Hoffman, Qian Hu, Tom Izbicki, Triveni Kuchi, Mei Ling Lo, Jackie Mardikian, Kevin Mulcahy, Jim Niessen, Donna Schulman (recorder), Jane Sloan, Gene Springs, Farideh Tehrani, Mary Beth Weber, Myoung C. Wilson, Connie Wu, Ryan Womack, Tao Yang

Agenda & Previous Minutes

The agenda and previous minutes were approved

Chair Report - Ryan Womack

No word on allocations yet, there are bridge funds available, and if needed, selectors should talk to team leaders.

Ryan did a quantitative report using Directors Station to see if there were patterns amongst monograph orders; it is available on Sakai. The spreadsheets are available on Sakai (Resources/Meetings/Oct 2009): (1) Budget Overview, 2001 - 2010; (2) Analyzing monograph acquisitions by order type and LC Class, 2001-2010. There was a gentle drop in reference orders (non-art), a balance between approval and firm orders, and a little bit of a trend towards getting the balance of books on approval, but not as much as he thought.

We have started the Science Direct negotiations process, their contract is up at the end of December. We need to get them to reduce the cost, and may have to cancel individual titles within the package. It is an ongoing process which we may have to bring back to the group. Gracemary and her team are analyzing titles in the package, circulation, etc.

Team Leader Updates

Rebecca, Science: She is grateful for the extra (bridge) money, and selectors are ordering books.

Sara, Arts/Humanities:: Sent orders have been processed ; data from the registrar is being analyzed, she is looking at models for allocating money.

Karen, Social Sciences: She has not heard from anyone, selectors should send requests.

Library Resources Council Update, Karen Hartman

Bob's AUL report: We have been asked for a 10% cut over 2 yrs, $475,000 has already been saved due to cancellation and consolidations implemented last year, so we have a head start. We need to come up with $300,000 to $350,000 more.

Bob reported that there are a variety of places for savings, the biggest is bundle renegotiations. We can save money from shipping charges. DTS is analyzing the figures; there is 2% cancellation in some packages. The spreadsheets on cost per use for Science Direct are available on the T-drive, and he suggests people look at them. Gracemary should be sending out an email on that. She is also working on a subject breakdown.

Also at LRC: Grace reported on cost cutting in her department. Mary Beth was able to negotiate savings with OCLC easily last year, but is not sure they can do it again this year. Government documents, theses and dissertations will not be loaded because they don't circulate for ILL. As a regional depository, we need to serve the region. There were many questions at our meeting on this line of reasoning, and it was pointed out that people will then not be able to see our holdings.

LRC will be looking at our Last Copy Policy and how it plays into titles going into the Annex.

Coutts Implementation

Mary Lynn Kingston introduced Kathy Brannon, who will be our main contact with Coutts once the profiles are developed. Here is Kathy's contact info:

Kathy Brannon
Customer Management
225-343-6836 (office)
332 Bedford Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Mary Lynn described the Book Approval Profile construction and Oasis migration processes, where we are and what will be happening in the near future. The power point slides are available on the NBCG Sakai site, under Meetings.


Our holdings for last 5 years (English language monographs) have been loaded to OASIS with location- specific details.

Fund and location codes have been added to OASIS, specific to each campus.

Book Approval Profile process:

Mary Lynn listened to each selector; mapped out a strategy on how to handle Rutgers' needs, which are unique; created 41 book profiles and 10 slip-only profiles. Each profile is being built separately, coded, tested, and revised, including costs estimates.

Commonalities amongst profiles:

"Parent" NSPs from YBP profile

University presses - all in there to start, individual ones can be eliminated.

Blocked publishers, including CQ, some United Nations (we get these titles other ways, this may need to be worked on).

Side note: Mary Lynn found out Camden has blanket approval plans with certain publishers, including Brookings and the Urban Institute.

Variations amongst profiles:

Blanket coverage requested for some publishers by some selectors.
Other scholarly, academic presses, by subject

Maximum Price: The default is $100, some selectors have asked for exceptions, we will need to see how that works out.

Miscellaneous NSPs (translations, textbooks)

Testing of profiles: budget, evidence-based holdings

Creation of spreadsheets showing profiles against their holdings for approvals and slips, indicating which titles are in our collection, which are not. Three spreadsheets were shown, using Social Work as an example: - (1) approvals, (2) slips by type, (3) slips.

Mary Lynn also showed the Master Profiles spreadsheet, indicating the expense for each profile, up to LIS. Several profiles still need to be calculated, including Economics, Business, and Labor Studies.

Next Steps: Complete coding and testing, integrate all profiles into a single document void overlap and gaps, integrate all back runs into a single file.

All files will be delivered by October 26th.

Questions to Mary Lynn and Mary Beth on Coutts Plan transition:

When will we be turning on the plans? Any day.

When will be able to do electronic ordering? Mary Beth is ironing stuff out with YBP. We can get orders ready to go.

Have all of our holdings been added? Mary Beth need to check.

Firm order vs. approval order? Mary Lynn: Coutts will not send an approval book if it has been firm ordered. A pre-publication order may block another campus order.

How often will we be sent slips? Slips are sent every day. That's the way it is.

Where can we find a copy of each profile? Use the Management report button on Oasis; profiles listed there and can be emailed. The complete document can be put on our Sakai site.

Do we need to respond to our profile Spreadsheets? It is not mandatory; there will be a 2-week period to adjust if necessary.

We will be able to de-select an approval book by the end of year.

Will there be a training session for firm ordering ? Kathy can do one after Thanksgiving.

How does Special Collections/NJ fit into the total book acquisitions picture? Is there an approval plan for them? This needs to be looked into.

Future Directions - Discussion

Kayo: There are RU initiatives on global issues in which the library can play a role library and get funding.

Myoung:, One thing that came out of the Scholarly Communication conference is the reliance of certain departments on our print collections. That needs to be articulated, that print is part of scholarly communication.

Mei Ling Lo: What are Columbia and Cornell doing in terms of joint collection development?

Jim: Comments on Grace's presentation at the last meeting. Her power point is available on Sakai. We need to think about the degree to which all collections will be online, the degree to which OCLC will become less important.

For future discussion: the needs and --- of the collection, and orphan subject areas.


Ryan: The subject area of landscape architecture will now be covered by Sara, with Farideh assisting.

Ryan: The November NBCG meeting, scheduled for Nov. 20th conflicts with the RUL faculty meeting, so we will meet in the afternoon at Alexander Library, 1:30pm.

Meeting Adjourned

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