Minutes of February 19, 2010 Meeting

Mary Belinsky(guest) Jeris Cassel, Mary Fetzer, Rebecca Gardner, Melissa Gasparotto, Tom Glynn, Sara Harrington, Karen Hartman, Qian Hu, Tom Izbicki, Martin Kesselman, Mei Ling Lo, Laura Mullen(recorder), Jim Niessen, Michelle Oswell, Donna Schulman, Jane Sloan, Gracemary Smulewitz, Gene Springs, Mary Beth Weber (guest) Ryan Womack (Chair), Connie Wu, Tao Yang

1. Approval of agenda

Change to agenda to accommodate Wiley Blackwell discussion

2. Approval of Minutes

Minutes were approved.

3. Chair Report

Ryan distributed the following report in advance of the meeting by email to NBCG members on 2/18). Ryan also introduced Michelle Oswell, Music Librarian.

Ryan’s report (copied from email):

On the approval plan to date, $221,715 has been spent, an increase of $42,949.91 over the past two months. Due to the OCLC problem and the winter break, this is a relatively low monthly rate of spending. 5,397 titles have been ordered, 985 more than two months ago. We are now beginning to see a significant flow of Coutts titles. We will further analyze approval orders in future meetings. I have begun tracking the funds with the highest free balances, and I will be reminding the selectors responsible for those funds of the need to spend down. As of now, there is a total free balance of $688,000 in New Brunswick funds with positive balances. I hope we will be reducing this figure rapidly over the next couple of months.

We will have a busy meeting tomorrow, as part of a busy season for selectors. As a reminder, please complete the following tasks as soon as you can:

  1. Review Wiley-Blackwell titles (will be discussed at Friday's meeting)
  2. Send end-of-year one-time purchase requests in
  3. Send Bob ideas for potential collection gifts between $1,000 and $10,000
  4. Review lists provided by Liaison Relationship Working Group (will be discussed at Friday's meeting)

4. Art Library Update: (Sara)

Art Since the inception of the Art Library as a standalone collection, the collection has been non-circulating. Sara Harrington and Joe Consoli have begun a consultation process to explore issues surrounding potential circulation. The Art Library is currently facing issues relating to access and space which affect any discussion of circulation, andthe noncirculating status of the books is important to some constituencies. Sara is requesting any and all input from librarians on Art Library circulation practices and how current or potential future practices may affect other disciplines; Newark and Camden will also be consulted.. Extensive weeding has been undertaken, and will no doubt be ongoing. Weeding policies may have been building based, and a system-wide look is necessary. There is some duplication of art materials throughout the system, particularly of older materials. Ryan reminded the group that the primary selector can weed beyond the building. RUL needs to preserve the best copy available in the system. In some senses, selectors therefore can't rely on printouts, but must physically look at the materials. How do we account for the preservation of the print? Gracemary states that we are, in fact, approaching weeding and last copy issues systemwide-and asking about materials' condition during this process. Existing and newer last copy policies take into account these type of issues. Currently, a task force of LRC is looking at last copy issues and policies, and Art will be consulted. Sara would like to widely consult on system- wide issues of art books -in terms of weeding and last copy-as well as access services and other issues. Rationale and development of policies are needed to organize communication on this issue. Art situation may be similar to experience with the Music Library in some ways; Jane offered to help with discussion of these issues. ARL data suggests most Art Libraries circulate books, therefore RUL is now unusual in its approach. All librarians are asked to communicate concerns to Sara; many will be consulted by Sara and she will bring all issues to relevant RUL bodies. Other concerns might be Classics (Tom).

5. Team Leaders

Rebecca (Sciences) reports that everyone is trying to spend out; Sara (A&H) is checking orders, and asks selectors to continue sending orders (A&H can batch or whatever is most convenient). Jeris reminds selectors to order any reference titles needed. Karen (SS) also asks selectors to continue to spend down; she will help any selectors who need assistance with batching. Ryan reminds selectors that "D" funds can be spent to 100%, and that everyone needs to spend down all available funds.

6. LRC Update: (Karen)

Harry is offering individual help with the production of any type of publications that liaisons may want to distribute to faculty. Grace reviewed formal procedures for security violations in terms of robo applications for massive downloading. If any librarian hears of this activity occurring, please call Gracemary or Systems; do not handle otherwise. IDs are captured, and we need to handle sensitively -and through the correct channels. Grace contacts individual patron and deals with ramifications when massive downloading occurs from a journal or database. Systems can then unblock the restrictions to access. Clarification is requested about potential procedures for librarians to follow when databases are not working. AAL is an issue; Gracemary will investigate existing and best communication channels when electronic resources are found to be not working. It is best to contact the serials team in cases of databases not working as there can be many possible explanations. One example described with ACS publications and instances of massive downloading; IP address blocked. Qian has received comments from users with blocked access; Cathy was notified. Grace can also explain these issues to departments or other parties if necessary to resolve problems or disputes coming to the attention of librarians. Identity theft is an issues; Grace will discuss with user and make sure there is follow through.

Budget updates from Bob (Ryan):

Wish lists 1000-10000 items for donor requests. Bob would like to put forward a portfolio of suggestions for the wishlist. These would be specific items, and represent a one-time expenditure with possibility of very small continuing cost (platform or service fee).

NJKI: potential loss of Academic Search Premier; we may need to find money to cover if this happens in the future.

SD negotiations are concluded; Ryan discussed some details. A current title list will be compiled and distributed to selectors.

One time money: Systemwide Team Leaders (Laura, Karen, Gene and Tom) will be meeting with subject networked resources teams and vetting materials listed on the central forms after the deadline of March 10th. It is necessary for selectors to get pricing information for each resource from the Serials Team before filling out the Central Request Form. Bob clarified that major print materials (and potential donor suggestions) can be sent in via the same central form. A "print" check off box will be added to the form shortly. This procedure's goal will be to keep all requests for one time money resources-whether print or online- on the same forms. Process will be transparent with all requests showing up on one form, and all potential purchases will then be vetted by the Networked Resources Teams after March 10th. Bob is asking selectors to identify materials for his donor wishlist- this is for future purchase vs. the current one-time money process.

7. DTS update (Gracemary)

The major issue currently is the Wiley Blackwell package. For the next two days there will be a delay in other serials team business while Wiley package is thoroughly analyzed. There will be cleanup first, the terminology and other aspects of the package will be analyzed so that we can try to understand what we are dealing with. There are core subscriptions as well as enhanced access to other titles. Further discussion by Ryan follows in these minutes.

RUL has started mass digitization project from LYRASIS (Gracemary). We have put some money toward this. We will digitize between 5-600 books. The project manager (Chris M.) is working with Melissa DeFino; they are stationed in DTS and coordinating workflow and other issues. Special collections materials are the first group of resources being digitized now.

8. Acquisitons (Mary Belinsky)

620 orders went out from NB. We will be getting 600 per week while we get caught up. Selectors ask when we will actually see these books. For firm orders, the normal process is 7-10 days; small backlog due to changes in TAS. The "time to shelf" depends on a lot of factors. Trouble with OCLC cataloging partners has been resolved. OCLC was unable to provide the records at the time(October); our books were held back for records. Problem with transition to Coutts has been due mainly to OCLC. Mary Beth is aware of issues; selectors are asked to keep sending her any unresolved issues/concerns. Ebook problems (use and purchase) are being examined. Mary Beth has a running list of problems that selectors have sent and is working through them. First shipment of orders came in January (since October). It is OK to use the "create original order" option if it is available. We can filter by fund code, but not by selector name. Selectors appreciate the work of Mary Belinsky on the transition to Coutts. Mary continues to assist selectors with all aspects of the ordering and approval process.

Wiley/Blackwell continued discussion (Ryan, Gracemary)
RUL used to have Wiley Interscience 130 subscribed/250 title enhanced. Wiley bought Blackwell and now merging together. Online access to Wiley has also been problematic lately. There is no provision for continuing access to Wiley enhanced titles, and we will lose them without identification of funding for these journals. Team leaders' group met to discuss all aspects of the package. We do not want to subscribe to additional journals on top of our existing outlay of money for subscriptions. We can cancel and add titles without any restriction for a particular period of time. We can cancel 2.5 percent of total spend. We would like to cancel 2.5 percent/roughly 15%. We can swap titles in an out, and we are examining enhanced access titles to see whether we should be subscribed to them. We need to move quickly as this is a contract for the year 2010-we are well into subscription year. Gracemary's team will prepare lists for selectors to peruse to facilitate decision-making. We will have to work quickly with systemwide team leaders to decide what changes/additions are desirable. A process is needed as this is a complicated package. Lists are not accurate; enhanced and subscribed does not necessarily make sense. Some "enhanced" seem to be our regular subscriptions. Gracemary will provide lists of subscribed, enhanced (not subscribed but subject to loss), and titles that are available that we might want to swap into this collection. Type of information available to selectors will include price, publisher, and usage data for what we already have. Usage data for both enhanced and subscribed are available. Three spreadsheets will available (sciences, social sciences and arts & humanities); fund codes will be listed for sorting. Usage shows many titles used less than 10 times in the last 11 months. Need to look at those carefully. Total number of combined Wiley (130) Blackwell (~400) plus enhanced will need to be examined. The three spreadsheets will be put on the T drives. We need to move quickly. We can start with bottom of the lists-low use and other categories for cancellation. Gracemary suggests that we may need to have sessions on how packages work and the complexities inherent in dealing with them.

9. Liaison Relationship Working Group Report: (Connie as Chair)

This group was established one month ago for NB and includes Karen, Melissa, Kayo, Triveni, and Connie. The charge and other information on procedure was distributed. Feedback and input solicited by Connie. Deadline for feedback is March 10; liaisons must review four excel files on the T drive. Review the T drive lists for accuracy, and add your comments in the shaded areas. The Working Group will review the results and report back to NBCG.

Additional Discussion: Informal Discussion of James Neal presentation (Feb 19th 10:30 a.m):

NBCG members discussed ideas of relationships with other institutions, transcending institutional and other boundaries, the importance of various attributes that librarians might bring to the organization, breaking down of artificial and real barriers, starting small with innovations and ideas, the challenge of budget and manpower, librarians' various roles as educators, "maverick" possibilities, importance of R&D, research in the library, measuring success and acceptance of failed experimentation (among other things).

Adjournment 3:30

Respectfully submitted by Laura Bowering Mullen Feb. 19, 2010

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