Minutes of May 21, 2010 Meeting

Kayo Denda (recorder), Melissa Gasparotto, Karen Hartman, Helen Hoffman, Qian Hu, Tom Izbicki, Marty Kesselman, Triveni Kuchi, Mei Ling Lo, Laura Mullen, Michelle Oswell, Donna Schulman, Bob Sewell, Gene Springs, Ryan Womack (chair), Connie Wu.

1. Approval of Agenda. The agenda was approved.

2. Approval of Minutes. The minutes for the last meeting were approved.

3. Brief Updates


Gracemary was unable to attend the meeting and emailed her report:

"Other than our routine responsibilities, DTS is gathering data for collections analysis due to budget cuts. We are analyzing databases for overlap, trying to provide usage data for individual electronic journals and comparing print usage with statistics from Article Delivery and ILL. We are evaluating total savings resulting from cancellations, renegotiations and ceased publications for 2010 to contribute to the collections budget reductions. Also as part of budget reduction for TAS, we are conducting analysis of our current electronic management tools with others that offer comparable services and reduction in fees. We are processing several weeding projects as well. "

AUL for Collection Development and Management (Bob Sewell)

Total cut for collections is $818,000. Strategies considered and areas of savings:

4. Collections Peer Comparison (Ryan Womack)

Ryan presented the chart "Comparison of Rutgers to selected ARL institutions, 2008 Data"

Rutgers ranking among US Academic ARL libraries (total: 99):

Library $ per faculty:$14,967rank: 54
Library $ per student:$826rank: 70
Library $ per grad student$5,169rank: 49
Collections $ per Faculty$4,824rank: 81
Collections $ per student$266rank: 92
Collections $ per grad student$1,666rank: 75
Collection % of budget32.2%rank: 93

5. Collection Study and Discussion (Ryan Womack and all)

Ryan created the report "Circulation Patterns, 2002-2010" in anticipation of June meeting, when the future of the approval plan will be on the agenda. The Van Wagoner fund has spent ~$400,000/yr in the last few years and after 2010, the balance will be ~$600,000. There is no alternative source at this time. The report is available on the Sakai site.

The report covers all RUL libraries and presents data on circulation. The variables are: Total circ, Checkout, Reserve, StaffRenewals, PatronRenewals, UseItem, LibraryUse, and AllRegularCirc. The presentation covered in more detail the variable "AllRegularCirc" which includes all check outs, both by patron and staff.

While the total circulation numbers have declined during the period covered by the report (with a spike in 2004), the circulation of Special Collections material has grown due to increased ILL activity.

At Alexander Library, the increased circulation is Non-LC titles, which includes government documents. It was unclear if the variable included items such as headphones, group study room-supplies, and dry erase markers, all listed as top circulation for 2010.

Factors that might contribute to circulation decline:

6. IngentaConnect InTouch Cancellation

LRC approved the cancellation of this service, formerlu known as Uncover Reveal. There were 342 known users. The cancellation will result in $3,000 saving. An administrative message will be going out with suggestions for alternative sources of information.

7. Next year's Meeting Cycle

Ryan proposed the NBCG to meet every other month. In the intervening months, the disciplinary subgroups (A&H, Soc Sci, and Sci) could meet.


This discussion and the decision of the meeting cycle will be revisited at June meeting.

8. Announcements

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/nbl/nbcg/minutes/nbcgmin_10_05_21.shtml
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