Minutes of July 16, 2010 Meeting

Mary Fetzer, Rebecca Gardner, Melissa Gasparotto, Tom Glynn, Sara Harrington, Karen Hartman, Helen Hoffman, Qian Hu, Marty Kesselman, Laura Mullen, Jim Niessen, Michelle Oswell, Gracemary Smulewitz, Gene Springs, Ryan Womack, Connie Wu

1) Approval of Agenda

2) Minutes approval will be via email.

3) Chair's report

a) System-wide resources

Karen handed out a list of one-time purchases that had been made with year-end funds. These e- resources were selected by team leaders from the top of the "wants" list. They should all be available within the next 2 weeks. She also noted that the textbook and reserves policy task force had met and that there was a push to eliminate e-reserves in favor of Sakai. There is no time frame for this move, hoever.

b) Gracemary mentioned that many of the vendors for end-of-year e-rource purchases had waived access fees for 2 years, and that many of them had also lowered prices. There was a very quick turnaround for these purchases. She also noted that all electronic resources are being given codes by title within each package, so that we can see what prices are by discipline. Control records are being assigned to each resource to prompt DTS to account for access fees after the waivers expire.

DTS update:

1) Workflow is almost done for print subscription use at Dana and New Brunswick libraries. Encumbered and not paid orders were evaluated in June and July.

2) An Ebsco suite of services was negotiated as a Serials Solutions substitute. The implementation progress will be communiticated until the transition is over, and it will hopefully be completed by mid-August. The implementation is the responsibility of DIG, coordenated by Gracemary. Laura noted that this transition is not an improvement to Searchlight, but that current settings will simply be copied over in the name of speed. Improvements will be made later.

3) DTS is redistributing assignments within the department given the massive shift to electronic serials. She will send out an email with details.

4) Wiley Blackwell list is on the Seelctor's Sakai site under Resources. This list details the transfers in and out of the package.

New Team Leaders

Ryan announced that Triveni will be the general team leader, Kayo will be Arts and Humanitites team leader and Karen and Rebecca will continue on in the Social Sciences and Sciences team leader poisitions.

4) Microfilm Consolidation

The cafe will be taking up space in current periodicals, meaning that microfilms will have to be relocated.

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