Minutes of January 21, 2011 Meeting

D. Schulman, L. Mullen, J. Niessen, T. Izbicki, M. Gasparotto, M. Oswell, M-L. Lo, G. Springs, H. Hoffman, R. Gardner, T. Yang, T. Kuchi, G. Smulewitz, J. Gardner, G. Thompson, R. Womack (Chair), M. Fetzer, M. De Fino, C. Wu, Q. Hu (recorder)

1. Agenda approved

2. Reports and Updates

R. Womack will send his report in email. There was no team leader report. Mary Belinski will retire this year.

T. Izbicki mentioned that serials subscriptions will be prioritized by each subject category. There will be some one-time money. He is also considering expanding the patron-driven plan. A fund for digital humanities resources is now available.

R. Womack reported on LRC updates. Approval plan is running out of money. Some end-of-year money will be dedicated to the approval plan. There will be some new funding for ongoing subscriptions.

G. Smulewitz: DTS is evaluating serials renewal. EBSCO will visit Rutgers. Yuhwei's position will be posted. The data analysis and usage analysis will be resumed. Data on usage analysis will be posted to sakai.

3. ILL follow up (Judy Gardner)

Access could run monthly reports from OCLC in Excel format. Interlibrary loans and journals can be separated. E-Z Borrow repeat requests are often course textbooks, however, ILL doesn't see repeat titles because ILL can't request the same title for more than three times a year. Canceled ILL requests may be re-submitted and filled in another request.

4. Patron-Driven Acquisitions pilot project

M-L. Lo and M. De Fino presented on the Patron-Driven Acquisitions pilot project they have been working on. There was a Q&A session after the presentation.

5. Patron-Driven Acquisitions discussion

Librarian discussed issues related to the Patron-Driven Acquisitions model. Several questions were clarified, such as the ownership of the purchased book, ILL issues, temporary records in IRIS, etc. RUL is investigating using some end-of-year money for an expanded Patron-Driven pilot.

6. NSF Data management plans and RU research

R. Womack demonstrated RUCore RU research data portal (rucore.rutgers.edu/research). The Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate and Professional Education has also created a data archive called Rutgers University Research Data Archive. RUCore Ruresearch is linked on their page.

7. Announcements

R. Womack: A periodical team needs to be formed to discuss periodical consolidation. Volunteers who would like to represent their library should contact Ryan.

M. Fetzer: Cabinet meeting discussed reports on the possible UMDNJ, RWJ merge with Rutgers. Possible issues and complications will be discussed in the next Cabinet meeting.

8. Meeting adjourned

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