Minutes of February 18, 2011 Meeting

J. Cassel, K. Denda, M. Fetzer, R. Gardner, M. Gasparatto, T. Glynn, S. Harrington, K. Hartman, H. Hoffman, Q. Hu. T. Izbicki, N. Kranich (guest), T. Kuchi, M. Lo (recorder), J. Mardikian, L. Mullen, J. Niessen, M. Oswell, J. Sloan, G. Smulewitz, G. Thompson (guest), M. Wilson, R. Womack (chair), C. Wu, T. Yang

1. Approval of Agenda and minutes: agenda and Jan. minutes approved.

2. Reports and Updates

R. Womack will send his reports by e-mail. The approval expenditure stays on the same track. Over $192,000 was spent for approval books. An additional $100,000 has been allocated by T. Izbicki for approval books. We have used up all of the discretionary endowment funding. Selectors should try to send in all the orders by the end of March. LRC did not meet this week, but will meet in two weeks.

G. Smulewitz: With the departure of Mary Belinski and Rob Hilliker, staff at DTS will help out with the workflow of acquisitions. DTS continues to work with electronic resources holdings. EBSCO will meet with systems today to address issues related to DOI and linkresolver. G. Smulewitze attended the Springer Ebooks Summit for Academic Librarians in Philadelphia. Most academic librarians indicated that they work with multiple platforms and vendors.

3. Future Ebooks Discussion with Faculty - J. Niessen

At the next RUL faculty meeting, there is a plan for having a discussion with a group of teaching faculty on ebooks. Some of the questions that may be of interest to us are the following: How do our users use ebooks as consumers? What are some of the useful features of ebooks? Do they use ebooks readers?

The group discussed how the discussion can take place. There is concern about the response from the faculty being heavily science related, as most of the ebooks that we have purchased are science- oriented. Some members welcome such discussion as an opportunity to have a dialogue with our users and understand the possibilities of using ebooks for research and studies.

J. Niessen asks for names of teaching faculty who may be interested in attending the forum after the RUL Faculty meeting. He will send out an email for us to forward to the faculty.

4. Liaison Relationships - Goal Item - N. Kranich

Liaison relationship is a goal item of NBCG. A year ago, we started the task force that focuses on the changing roles of library liaisons. N. Kranich shared a document that describes the vision of the Liaison Action Group. Some of the issues for the liaisons to think about are the following: What kind of indicators can we use to show our impact? How do we measure ourselves? Libraries are moving from collection-centered model to liaison-centered model. Our work has changed from individual to a more collective approach. How do we broaden our outreach? How do we work as a team? We should try to deemphasize the library internal focus and embed ourselves into the departments and centers. How do we reposition ourselves, increase the value of our services and give us opportunities to rethink our priorities? How do we strength our liaison, change our authorities and accountabilities? What is the job description of librarian liaisons if we take this vision into effect? We want to start conversations with our community and listen to our community to find out their needs. If we become invisible, the users do not see our value.

Nancy will talk about this at the State of the Libraries meeting on Feb .28, 2011. In addition, an informal gathering of liaisons will take place very soon. All the liaisons are encouraged to attend such meeting to share ideas and experiences.

5. Announcements

R Womack: NBCG will not meet in March due to the promotion tenure workshop. He will continue to send out emails related to our budget situation.

M Fetzer:

K. Denda: As part of the Asian American scholarship program, she is collecting ethnic papers. She hopes that the scholars from American Studies Dept, East Asian dept and special collection will help us identify the resources. She looks forward to interesting conversation with this community.

T. Glynn: NBISG meeting will be cancelled in March.

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