Minutes of May 20, 2011 Meeting

Fetzer, M; Gardner, R ; Hartman, K; Hu, Q; Izbicki, T; Kuchi, T (recorder); Lo, M; Mardikian, J; Mullen, L; Oswell, M; Schulman, D; Sloan, J; Smulewitz, G; Thompson, G; Weber, M; Womack, R (chair).

1. 9:40 a.m. Agenda was approved with no changes.

2. Reports and Updates

Chair's report: Womack circulated report by email - reproduced below:

Approval spending: So far in this FY, we have spent $244,793.92 for 5,876 volumes. The principal on Van Wagoner has been reduced by $113,910.16 as of this time. We have $49,381.15 in available funds to carry us through the rest of the year. Approval receipts appear to have slowed, and we will probably not be able to spend all of the $49k in GEAB.

Firm orders and Endowments: There are currently $292,736.68 in free balances across New Brunswick, down from $337,952.89 at the previous meeting. Excluding transfer funds and the approval fund, the free balance is $218,810.29. Excluding transfers, there are now 25 "untouched" funds with 100% free balances. Only 7 of these have more then $500 budgeted. There are a total of 95 funds with greater than 20% free balances. We have met this year's target of reducing the number of funds with significant free balances, but clearly there is more that could be done in this area.

AUL-Collection Development Report: Izbicki mentioned that big ticket as well as other expenditures was moving along. A collection-development workshop is being planned for selectors this summer to review Oasis and other programs used.

LRC report: Hartman mentioned that a master list of details of databases (overall spreadsheet) is currently in the works. A rare books policy is being developed that will be shared widely and will be available via LRC minutes. When selectors review gifts, they need to determine if a major deed of gift is needed and contact relevant people in that process. Consolidation of information for selectors will be helpful and libguide type of resource could be planned (especially bringing together currently available sakai sites and forms, etc). A review of the collection development staff resources page is also needed.

Some "one-time" funds are available from Izbicki. Selectors are urged to contact him through email with their requests (cc to discipline team leader; G. Smulewitz and Weber, M).

Collections-Management report: Smultewitz provided a summary of activities in collections management. Currently, orders are almost complete; performance appraisals were worked on this week. Several weeding projects are on. A coherent process and plan is being developed so that projects can be prioritized with staff and contact liaison appropriately and within a time line. Weeding projects are on at LSM ref; Douglass; Math (+Chem) and Camden Periodicals. Alexander café construction has begun. Due to this, there is a 9-5 escort service for M/film machines use. Completion of the café is slated for August 1, 2011.

Central Technical Services report:Weber presented an update about acquisitions activities and status of orders. The lines vacated by staff are being pursued so as to fill them soon. She and Smulewitz and she will be attending the Patron-driven pre-conference at ALA and will report back. A report on backlog reduction based on a pilot project conducted between Sept-Dec 2010 was created by Fay Austin was distributed (the report is also available on the NBCG's Sakai site). Chris Sterback is also running a report to measure the time from when an item is ordered, received and cataloged. This report will be shared with NBCG.

3. E-books licensing - Goal Item

Smulewitz summarized and shared documents regarding e-books surveys, licensing terms, aggregators and publishers differences across various DRM components, etc. Materials are available on the NBCG sakai site under Resources/Licensing Issues/. Lengthy discussion ensued about the complexity of e-books management and information sharing and updating process. More discussions are necessary to understand and learn about how e-books are being collected and used by academic libraries for their various types of users. It was also decided that a discussion of "abuse of databases" would be useful to include in the summer workshop being planned.

4. Announcements

Sloan requested that selectors (L-Z) need to move ahead with weeding (L-Z) at Douglass. She will also check with Judy Gardner and Andy Martinez about selectors who are involved in this project.

Thank you to Ryan Womack, outgoing chair for his visionary and diligent work as chair of NBCG. Welcome to Kevin Mulcahy incoming NBCG Chair!

5. Adjourned 11:40 a.m.

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