Common Knowledge Database Team Minutes February 17, 1999

Present: Stephanie Bartz, Rebecca Gardner, Maya Gervits, Scott Hines, Ron Jantz, Marty Kesselman, Linda Langschied, Jia Mi, Penny Page Stephanie Bartz, recorder

1. Review of CKDB prototype:

Ron distributed copies of the top level pages for the latest version of the RUL website, and for the CKDB prototype pages. Commonalities and integration issues were discussed in an effort to avoid unneccessary duplication of effort.

- WAC perceived some overlap between the “Libraries & Collections” portion of their pages and the “Holdings” section of CKDB. The group felt that the materials were related, but probably not equal, and we should continue to study the development of both sections to avoid future unnecessary overlap. A cross-link between the 2 areas was suggested.

- The “Electronic Reference Shelf” was discussed with relation to “Core Reference.” There was some discussion of having the “ERS” changed to follow new web page guidelines to include citations to local print and CD-ROM resources, and to include this as the “Electronic Reference Shelf” linked on the “Core Reference” page. After extensive discussion, it was decided that the Core Reference team would develop a separate page for New Brunswick print and CD-ROM resources and provide a link to the existing site for online resources.

- The “Search Engines” link on the “Core Reference” page will link to an existing site, yet to be determined, rather than to a site developed by CKDB. The recommendation was made that WAC consider doing the same from the RUL page rather than reproducing something that’s already out there.

- “Databases” has still not been clearly defined either by WAC or CKDB. Referred back to WAC for further discussion.

- Existing library faculty and staff directory pages were compared with the model developed for CKDB. Recommendation was made that the webmaster maintain pages for all of RUL, but consider following the CKDB prototype. “Policies” were removed from the prototype and will be referred to SACOPS for inclusion on the RUL pages, particularly policies with regard to Rutgers borrowers access to libraries outside the Rutgers system (e.g. Sage, Princeton, METRO).

2. Reports/Updates:

- The Hidden Resources team distributed a list of these resources along with recommendations for how they should be accessible. Materials will be referred to “owners” of relevant Web/Research Guides, cataloging, or Sam McDonald as appropriate. Linda and Stephanie will check with Mary Fetzer regarding licensing, etc. for password protected government resources and possible alternatives for access. There was a brief discussion of adding a section on “Hidden resources outside the libraries.” General consensus was that this was too far reaching and we should concentrate on identifying RUL resources.

- The Holdings team has been progressing in the same vein as discussed at previous meetings. Progress to- date can be viewed at Two new sections, on equipment and software, will be added to the list of material types; Marty will develop these lists of what’s available in New Brunswick and who can use it. The suggestion that floor plans for the libraries be added to the RUL pages will be referred to Sam McDonald.

- Discussion of the Library-to-Library Directions, developed by Susan Goodman, was postponed until Susan could be present. Draft versions can be viewed at

- The Core Reference team distributed a list of FAQs, Hot Websites, and Specialized Reference Tools collected from a recent survey they conducted. FAQs will be split up to create a new list of “Common Problems” for future discussion, and the beginnings of the “NB Library Reference Shelf,” listing print and CD-ROM resources, which will mirror the “Electronic Reference Shelf.” Stephanie will incorporate the Hot Websites into the “ERS.” Specialized Reference Tools will be folded into the “NB Library Reference Shelf.” The “Core Reference” section of the CKDB will be collapsed into “The Reference Shelf” which will link to the “ERF” and the newly developed “NB Library Reference Shelf;” a link to a “Guide to Search Engines;” and a link to the “Research Guides” on the RUL page.

3. Process:

The first iteration of the CKDB will involve only the New Brunswick libraries and first level evaluation will be in-house. The group decided to give future consideration to inviting representatives from Newark and Camden to participate once the process has progressed further.

Next meeting: March 17, 1999, 2:00pm, SCC - Heyer Conference Room

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