Common Knowledge Database Minutes March 17, 1999

Present: Ron Jantz, Penny Page, Scott Hines, Rebecca Gardner(recorder), Stephanie Bartz, Marty Kesselman.

1. Review of decisions from last meeting. (All are in the last minutes of 2/17/99.)

2. Regarding CKDB directions, we had a very good discussion in which we re-examined who the users are and what the CKDB content should be. After discussing the three options (from the agenda) and the content of the current prototype, we summarized our requirements as follows:

To meet these requirements, we decided that an electronic rolodex would work best since it allows searching alphabetically as well as by keyword. We discussed implementation needs and decided that the variety of information would require a search engine for the CKDB website and a real reference database that would provide keyword searching and pointers (hyperlinked where appropriate) to information sources. Given these needs, it was felt that the prototype would have to be implemented on the SCC server. We are not sure when or if the prototype could be moved to a library systems server given the need for tools such as MS-Access and ColdFusion. Lastly, we concluded that we could quickly launch a prototype based on Stephanie Bartz’ rolodex MS-Access database that is now available at the Alexander reference desk. With a few fields added to the database to cover keywords and LC number and the addition of a web-searchable interface via ColdFusion, the group felt that we could have an early prototype up and running quickly.

Finally, throughout the discussion, we kept coming back to the issue of whether CKDB should be an NB resource or a more encompassing RUL resource. The group felt it was time that we should propose that CKDB become an RUL resource and that we should also become integrated with WAC. R. Jantz will take this proposal to the next WAC meeting.

3. Progress Reports

Scott: Spoke with Sam McDonald and Catherine Geddis. Will work together to create a list of librarian specialists. Scott will provide content to Sam. It will go under Library Faculty and Staff Resources. Will replace current directory of library specialists. Hopefully will be up for mid-April evaluation of new RUL page. Still need to reconfirm specialists info.

Penny: Hidden databases. There are 4 that need cataloging. We decided not to catalog Alex CD rom’s. However, the WAC design committee has asked if it is possible to catalog them, along with work station ID’s, etc. Mary Page has indicated that is possible. Even if they are eventually cataloged, it will take a while. We may want to continue to add to the Alex CD rom database for now and phase out as everything gets classified. Stephanie can include all in her database. Ron will discuss with the WAC design group again.

Rebecca: Will contact owners to add hidden databases to subject research web guides where appropriate. Could also be included in Rolodex.

Stephanie: Distributed updated pages from the “Holdings” team. There is a new section on equipment and software.

Ron: Distributed updated page for “Core Reference”. Would consider an organization similar to Stephanie’s online ready ref. categories. Will speak with the Information Services Steering Group to see if there is an intern who could work with Stephanie on this. Ron and Marty will create some sample records for our Rolodex. Need to take another look at the “Directions” information. Won’t attempt each and every combination of library to library. Will concentrate on highly trafficked paths.

Next meetings: April 15, 2pm, Scc
May 13, 2pm, Scc

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