NBCTIS Discussion Document: January 11, 1999

NB Central Telephone Information Service (NBCTIS)
Discussion Document for January 11, 1999 Meeting
Compiled by Pat Piermatti
January 5, 1999


RUL-NB Telephone Reference Service
Current Practice: 15 points of access (library units with various phone numbers)

Future Practice:
732-932-LIBS  (Available)
732-445-LIBS  (Negotiate)-Brian
August handling … must contact regarding status

To Do:  Edit NB-Edison Area Bell Atlantic listing (7/1/98 report)
To Do: Edit Rutgers Faculty/Staff Directory (7/1/98 report)

Not all NB library units have telephone each NBCTIS participating unit will
Messaging system (hours, directions) have a "live body" phone number for internal NBCTIS transfer call purposes

To Do: Review existing unit (Alexander, LSM, etc) message systems; determine elements necessary for NBCTIS (when NBCTIS closed); write scripts for NBCTIS message system)

To Do: Review/Revise NBCTIS participating units (7/1/98 report)
To Do: Select/Recommend NBCTIS internal transfer call phone numbers

Variable hours-unit specific central hours - coordinate with Rutgers INFO? (http://www-cis.rutgers.edu/default.html) or with RUL?

To Do: Review results of special NBCTIS telephone query survey-9/20/98 to 9/26/98 (see photocopy)

Variable staffing central staffing in a central
location - Alexander Reference/Information Desk area

To Do: determine staffing model (refer to NB Information Services Working Document dated 7/8/98, page 3;
Identify staff; identify funding resources;

Variable policies centralized telephone policy

To Do: Review/Revise existing NB RUL telephone reference service policies (see photocopy of Section 8.3 from LSM Reference Services Policy and Procedures Manual).

To Do: Definition of reference query; definition of ready reference (see Emory University policy http://www.emory.edu/LIB/telpolic.htm) NB Information Services Coordinating Team is composing new definitions of reference.

To Do: Review some selected Web policies (http://www.emory.edu/LIB/telpolic.htm ; http://www.library.kent.edu/reference/phone.html ; http://www.mtrl.toronto.on.ca/centres/answer/index.html)

To Do: Write new NBCTIS Telephone Reference Policy Manual.

Variable training To Do: Work with NB Information Services Training Team - utilize NBCTIS Telephone Reference Policy Manual and other existing training materials

Inadequate coordination with Rutgers Improved coordination with Rutgers
Information and Referral Center (INFO) INFO

Statistics - variable forms utilize common NB Information Services statistics form


Disadvantages of Present:
Confusion about number to call One or two central numbers will end telephone number confusion
Somewhat uneven service
Less than desirable use of librarians

Advantages of Future:
NB RUL appears disorganized NB RUL appears organized
More even service; common training
Better utilization of librarians
Subject/technology expertise opportunity to increase
provision of research consultations, one-on-one instruction, etc.
Service improvements may lead to increase in service - higher statistics (higher productivity)

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/nbl/nbisg/archive/CentTelRefTeam_min_99_01_11.shtml
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