New Brunswick PC Coordination Team Minutes August 22, 2001

Present: Stephanie Bartz, Anne Butman (guest), Tony Joachim, Kevin McGuire

1. ACIC PCs:

The new computers purchased with the ACIC funding have been ordered and are expected to arrive sometime in mid-September. They will be delivered directly to Systems for setup and are expected to use Windows 2000. Systems will communicate with the individual PC Coordinators to establish delivery dates and specific locations for each machine.

2. PC Recycling - New Draft:

Briefly discussed Stephanie's revised handout regarding the redistribution of the 200 MHz SCC machines that are currently in the Douglass Library instructional alcove. The list details which staff and librarians are in need of replacement computers once the ACIC funded machines arrive. The final tally left 3 machines available for redistribution. Contact Stephanie with suggested recipients.

3. LSM Coverage for the Fall:

According to Pat Piermatti at LSM, the current system for covering PC issues while a replacement for Beth Sawickie is found seems to be working well. Tony stops by three times a week, Systems visits on a regular basis, and Mike Giarlo and Scott Hines check in from time to time as well. The decision was made to continue using this system until it stops working, or until the new coordinator is hired.

4. General Discussion - Questions for/from Anne:

  1. The group expressed their pleasure with the job that Nick Gonzaga has been doing as Novell Network Administrator.
  2. A discussion was begun regarding the status of the default "black screen" on the public machines at each of the libraries. Concern was expressed that monitors timing out and going black makes it difficult to identify computers in need of Trouble Tickets. The question was raised as to whether this feature could be disabled.
  3. We discussed the system in place for updating the server backup tapes at each of the units. Chris Barrow is responsible for coordinating backup tapes for the NBL and should be consulted with any questions.
  4. Anne asked what the criteria for attending the NBL-PCWG meetings was. PC Coordinator status (i.e. Coordinators from each of the four main libraries), and relevancy to the agenda seemed to be the prime points identified. Basically, it is a forum for us to discuss and coordinate computer equipment requests and computer distribution and among the New Brunswick Libraries, and to discuss issues affecting NBL PC Coordinators, specifically. The four-member team will invite other staff and faculty to attend meetings when the situation warrants it.

5. Other:

  1. Discussed the ELF funded computers and their arrival date, hopefully sometime during the Fall semester.
  2. Discussed the idea of instating a PC Coordinator Power User password for Windows 2000 machines. Anne explained that this would not be of any use to us until a Windows 2000 server is installed. The installation of a Windows 2000 server is currently being pursued by Systems.
  3. Anne notified us that the computer inventories done by Systems will be available by mid-Autumn, but that we should continue to keep our own records for the libraries that we cover (home and branch).

6. Next Meeting Date:

September 26, 2001, 2:00pm, Douglass Library.

Tony Joachim, recorder

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