New Brunswick PC Coordination Team Minutes April 24, 2002

Attending: Stephanie Bartz (Team Leader), Isaiah Beard, Anthony Joachim (recorder), Kevin McGuire


  1. "Using CD-RW Drives on Library Public Workstations"
  2. PCWG Distribution Plan
  3. Backups Again
  4. Updates & Other

1. "Using CD-RW Drives on Library Public Workstations":

The group reviewed and commented on the document, "Using CD-RW Drives on Library Public Workstations" which was created by Isaiah. Some minor changes were suggested, and public distribution of this document will occur once the PCWG and Systems have had a chance to look it over.

Another question that arose from this conversation was who would sell blank CD-R and CD-RW discs to students. In the past, Access Services has sold computer discs, but this may need to be revisited at the next PCWG meeting.

2. PCWG Distribution Plan:

The redistribution of ACIC computers that were replaced by ELF machines is currently on hold, awaiting decisions by Grace Agnew and the PCWG.

3. Backups Again:

We discussed the need for back-ups and how we should handle coverage needs between our libraries. The following was decided upon as a plan as our plan of action for future coverage:

Short-Term Absence: This covers unexpected absences (illness or emergency) of one or two days.

Long-Term Absence: This constitutes a planned or unplanned absence (vacation or long-term leave) which will directly affect the operation of a particular library or libraries.

4. Updates & Other:

Next meeting: Wednesday, May 22, 2002, 3:00 p.m., at Kilmer Library.

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