New Brunswick PC Coordination Team Minutes August 28, 2002

Attending: Stephanie Bartz (Team Leader)(recorder), Isaiah Beard, Anthony Joachim , Kevin McGuire

1. ACIC funding for 2002-2003

Eleven PCs are being ordered with the ACIC funding for this year. Existing PCs at reference desks throughout the New Brunswick Libraries will be replaced as follows:

Alexander (3)
Art (1)
Chang (1)
Douglass (1)
Kilmer (2)
Music (1)
LSM (2)

Additional components, including printers and second monitors for each PC, will be ordered once specifications are finalized and quotes are collected.

2. Recycled ACIC PCs from 2001-2002

New Brunswick has been allotted 21 of the remaining ACIC PCs from last year for use in replacing existing staff PCs. After some discussion, it was agreed that these PCs would be allocated for the replacement of Circulation/Reserve Desk PCs, except for cases where individual staff PCs are in extreme need of immediate replacement. Stephanie will develop a final list of PCs to be replaced and forward it to the group before sending it on to Systems.

3. PC Replacement plan

The replacement plan approved by Cabinet will provide 46 new PCs for distribution among the New Brunswick Libraries. The expectation is that these PCs will arrive and be installed during the fall semester. Each NBL PC Coordinator will compile a list of most needed replacements in their libraries for discussion at the next NBPC meeting.

Next meeting: Wednesday, October 9, 2002, 2:00 p.m., Library of Science & Medicine.

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