New Brunswick PC Coordination Team Minutes October 9, 2002

Attending: Stephanie Bartz (Team Leader), Isaiah Beard (recorder), Anthony Joachim , Kevin McGuire

1. Distribution plan for new staff PCs:

The New Brunswick Libraries have received approximately 45 new Dell Workstations for staff. The computers are on-site and awaiting installation.

A distribution plan is currently being finalized based on recommendations made by department supervisors and PC Coordinators. Most of the computers being replaced will be discarded as they've reached the end of their useful life, however some trickle-down effect will occur with some of the newer machines.

2. ELF Laptops:

The ELF funded laptops have arrived and will be distributed soon to Alexander, LSM, Douglass, and Kilmer. For those libraries that already have laptops, these new units will serve as upgrades. Usage of the remaining laptops will be handled locally. They are primarily intended for instructional purposes.

Additional laptops will be ordered using ACIC funding. These laptops will be used for remote instruction by reference staff and projects that require off-site computing resources to assist students in an instructional capacity.

3. ACIC funded purchases

The new reference desk workstations are on-site at TSB and are being installed by Systems. Currently Chang and Douglass have their machines installed, and the remaining libraries should see their new workstations soon. The new computers were ordered with only one flat screen monitor, however, preparations are being made to purchase the secondary flat screen monitors that each workstation will have, as per the original ACIC proposal

Plans are also underway to order printers for each new reference desk PC.

Citing security issues, A.J. requested that locks be ordered for the reference PCs and flat screens. S.B. advised that locks would be obtained.

4. Updates and Other

The PC Coordinators received mention in the most recent NBL Faculty meeting. The Individual Librarian Requests for Digital Services Decision Tree was reviewed. It was noted that PC Coordinators were listed as a contact resource for HTML-only based projects that are not picked up by the SCC or other digital resources. The PC Coordinators will handle such project help requests as time and resources allow.

The group noted that some sections of the NBL website ( are out-of- date. Since most departments who have a section on the NBL website maintain their own content, it was determined that a contact should be established with ISSG to ensure that the information is made current. I.B. and S.B. will both make inquiries.

Next meeting: Wednesday, November 13, 2002 at 2:00 p.m. in the Alexander Library

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