New Brunswick PC Coordination Team Minutes March 26, 2003

Attending: Stephanie Bartz (Team Leader), Pamela Johnson, Tony Joachim (recorder), Kevin McGuire

1. Welcome Pam:

The group welcomed Pamela Johnson to her first meeting. We discussed the organization of NBPC and PCWG. An informal question/answer session ensued. Pam distributed her e-mail address ( and appropriate corrections/updates to official records were marked for revision.

2. PC Inventory:

Stephanie reviewed the changes to the PC Inventory, pointing out that a new field had been added for entry of Operating System. All members were reminded to update their inventories as necessary, and to input OS as soon as possible.

3. NBL Web Site:

Stephanie and Tony briefly introduced Pam to the NBL web site, and the duties surrounding its upkeep. Stephanie will check with Mike Giarlo at the SCC about getting access to the pages for Pam.

4. BI and Reference Statistics Databases:

A web form for entering Instructional Statistics has been developed and is in testing mode. This online database will be accessible by password only. An official notice will be sent when it is operational.

Another database, also in the works, is for entering Reference Statistics. This will be based on a similar design.

Both web forms will be housed at the SCC, and will be under the ownership of Stephanie Bartz & Jeris Cassel. Stephanie will retrieve data as needed, but may enlist other members of NBPC to assist in creating reports, etc. as needed.

5. Updates and Other:

Tony brought up issues of sound on the public computers. There have been problems at Douglass, concerning excessive sound on computers in use by patrons. Possible solutions to be pursued with Systems include:

Kevin informed the team of problems experienced at Kilmer concerning Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files, and their display in various RUL databases (Academic Search Premier, Science Direct, etc.). This phenomenon results in a different display format (image in right corner, image in left corner, etc.) of .pdf files from session to session.

Next Meeting: April 15th, 2003 on Busch Campus. This meeting will immediately follow the PCWG meeting.

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