New Brunswick PC Coordination Team Minutes May 21, 2003

Attending: Stephanie Bartz (Team Leader), Tony Joachim, Pamela Johnson (recorder), Kevin McGuire

1. Wireless Laptops:

The wireless interface for the ACIC laptops will be tested. The results may be used to prepare a quick guide for users, if one is needed. Pam and Kevin will test the LSM and Kilmer laptops at the Livingston and Busch student centers.

2. Laptop Sign Out Sheet:

A sign out sheet for laptops is needed to insure that all the components of any borrowed laptop are returned. The new sign out sheet will include a complete laptop equipment checklist. Pam will draft a list for both the ELF and ACIC laptops.

3. NBL Web Site Update:

Tony continues to test new button options for the site.

Links to the new "Instruction Statistics" and "Reference Statistics" input forms will be added to the page template.

Tony has updated the "Reports" web page, with more changes to come.

Tony is working with Hector Perez-Gilbe in creating a searchable database of subject selectors based on Library of Congress classification. The database will be hosted as part of the NBL site and made accessible from the Collections Group pages.

Meeting minutes for the various groups in NBL are not all being routinely sent for posting to the NBL site. PC Team members have made an attempt to recover minutes that are missing from the site, but there are still gaps.

The team has decided to add a last revised date to pages on the NBL site. Strategies for doing this uniformly are being investigated.

4. BI Stats Report:

Tony will create a report in Access to make it easier to pull monthly statistics from the Instruction Statistics database.

5. Inventory and PC Allocation:

A number of PCs from the SCC will be reallocated to staff, probably during the summer. Each team member will compile a prioritized list of staff PCs that need replacement in their libraries. Stephanie will combine the lists and make a preliminary determination of which PCs to replace, to be reviewed by the rest of the team before it's finalized.

The inventory of all staff PCs is currently being updated to aid in the PC allocation process. Stephanie will contact PCWG about adding an RU Property number field to the database to help track specific machines and make it easier to find the information when a trouble ticket is needed.


Kevin will be on vacation from 6/5/03 to 8/4/03. Coverage at Kilmer will be organized and verified before he leaves.

Next Meeting: June 18th, 2003 2:30 p.m. at Alexander Library.

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