New Brunswick PC Coordination Team Minutes June 18, 2003

Present: Stephanie Bartz (convenor), Tony Joachim(recorder), Pamela Johnson

1. Unit Computing Specialist Orientation:

Stephanie requested suggestions for items to be added to the orientation schedule for future Unit Computing Specialists within NBL. SB will forward a copy of a previous orientation schedule for review. Tony and Pam will send suggestions back to Stephanie who will draft a schedule.

2. Vacations:

Discussed vacation schedules for the remainder of the summer. SB will be gone for most of the month of July, into August (7/14-8/5). In addition, TJ will take a week off in late July (7/21-7/25), and PJ in mid-August (8/11-8/15). Arrangements for adequate coverage will be made with NBPC and Systems prior to these leaves.

3. Laptop Sign-out Form:

Pam presented the group with a draft of the sign-out form containing a detailed list of parts for each laptop. We discussed the design and made suggestions for modifications. Pam will e- mail a revised version for review.

4. PC Allocation/Distribution:

Compiled lists of staff in need of new machines from each library and submitted them to SB for review. Stephanie will merge these lists and create a proposed distribution list for further consideration.

5. Statistics:

Instructional Statistics: Discussed the online submission form and the recent report created by TJ for viewing these results. Tony will work on creating an online version of this report.

Reference Statistics: An online submission form for reference statistics is in the works, and will eventually need similar reports.

6. Annual Report:

The team reviewed its accomplishments for the past fiscal year. Stephanie will forward the list to Myoung for inclusion in the ISSG Annual Report. Items included:

7. NBL Web Site:

Made modifications to the NBL site, including the addition of a combined NBL Selectors list. In addition, a decision was made to include full dates in the "last modified" line of each page, rather than just month and year. Tony will continue to look for some sort of coding that will automatically generate this date.

The Access Services pages on the NBL web site are not accessible using Netscape 7.0. In addition, when attempting to solve this issue, it was discovered that these pages have been running locally, on individual servers, in varying states of currency. Stephanie will look into this further.

In addition, a decision was made to select a different section of the NBL site to discuss and update at each meeting. This meeting, the NBL Administration page was corrected. Next meeting will focus on the NBL Collections Group pages.

Tony will add the D21 Concept Document to the NBL site.

Next Meeting: TBA

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