Information Services Training Guide
March 25, 1999


Welcome to your new position in the Rutgers University Libraries. As a provider of information services, you will often be the first contact that a patron has with the Libraries. We hope to provide you here with many of the tools that you will need to succeed in this important role.

Information Assistants, interns, and librarians will receive training in local knowledge that is specific to the particular library location in which they work. Here we present to you information that will be useful to you no matter where you work within the Rutgers University Libraries.


Service orientation/whom we serve

Rutgers University Libraries are open to the public. From our information/reference desks, we answer to the best of our abilities any type of question on any subject matter. We always offer our assistance in a friendly and helpful manner, leaving a positive impression. We never leave a patron with a response of "I don’t know" or "come back later." If we cannot answer a particular question, we always offer to refer the patron to another reference librarian, subject specialist or other responsible party.


Introduction to Rutgers University Libraries Rutgers University, founded in 1766, is the eighth oldest institution of higher learning in the United States. As Rutgers has evolved into a major research university, the library system has also grown into one of the top academic research libraries in the country as a member of the Research Libraries Group (RLG). Expanding from one library to 25 separate libraries, collections and reading rooms located on three campuses, the libraries that make up the system now hold over three million volumes.

Within the Rutgers University Libraries (RUL) system are several administrative groupings of libraries, librarians, and staff. Some library services are "systemwide", meaning they serve all libraries in the RUL system. Examples are Interlibrary Loan Services, Technical and Automated Services, the Library Systems Department, Special Collections and University Archives, and the Annex. Individual libraries are administered by three main Rutgers campus units within RUL : the Paul Robeson Library in Camden, John Cotton Dana Library in Newark, and the New Brunswick Libraries.


Units and collections in the New Brunswick Libraries

The New Brunswick Libraries includes libraries on four campuses in New Brunswick and Piscataway. Each campus has a library that serves the basic information needs of students, faculty, staff and the public on that campus by providing books, journals, and reference services. These libraries are :

Alexander Library, New Brunswick College Avenue Campus

Chang Library, Cook Campus

Douglass Library>, Douglass Campus

Kilmer Library, Livingston Campus

Library of Science and Medicine, Busch Campus

In addition to these libraries, there are various specialized libraries and collections that are part of the New Brunswick Libraries:

CAC -- College Avenue Campus

Art Library (CAC)

East Asian Library – 2nd floor Alexander Library (CAC)

Scholarly Communications Center– 4th floor Alexander Library (CAC)

Social Sciences and Humanities Data Center – 4th floor Alexander Library (CAC)

DGLSS – Douglass Campus

Music Library – lower level Douglass Library (DGLSS)

SMLR – School of Management and Labor Relations Library (DGLSS)


The Science Branch Libraries:

Busch – Busch Campus

COOK – Cook Campus

Alcohol Studies Library (BUSCH)

Chang Library (COOK)

Chemistry Library (BUSCH)

Math Library (BUSCH)

Physics Library (BUSCH)

SERC – the Science and Engineering Resource Center (BUSCH)


Links to CKDB (common knowledge database) and RUL web pages

  • Much of the information that you need in order to provide information services can be found in the RUL web pages meant for public use or in the pages created for staff use as part of the Common Knowledge Data Base (CKDB).
  • Go to the web pages indicated after each heading. For example, "RUL Home | Questions" or click on the url to go straight to the page
  • Ask a Librarian RUL Home | Questions | Ask A Librarian
  • Barcode/PIN Visit any circulation desk or email Ask a Librarian on the web pages to receive a PIN and barcode.
  • Card Catalog Pre-1991 card catalogs are available at Alexander, Douglass, and Library of Science and Medicine, since IRIS, our online catalog, is not complete for older materials.
  • CDROMs – who has what (CKDB)
  • Circulation/borrowing RUL Home | Services | Borrowing Privileges
  • Citation Indexes Science Citation Index and Journal Citation Reports on CDROM at LSM, Social Science Citation Index at Alexander, Arts and Humanities Citation Index at Alexander.
  • Classes See Instruction
  • Computer Troubleshooting Call or email PC Coordinator in your building
  • Copy Services RUL Home | Services | Photocopy services in New Brunswick
  • Dictionaries/encyclopedias In ready reference research guide at RUL Home |
  • Directions (CKDB) RUL Home | Libraries | Click on particular library
  • Disabled RUL Home | Services | Library services for persons with disabilities
  • Dissertations Check in IRIS under author for Rutgers dissertations; for non-Rutgers dissertations, find on Digital Dissertations (in INDEXES), order through ILL
RUL Home | Indexes | Alphabetized List | Digital Dissertations


  • Document Delivery Services (InterLibrary Loan Services (ILS) to non-RUL community) Refer user to InterLibrary Loan Services at (732) 932-8345 (Alexander) or (732) 445-4726.
  • Downloading/emailing from electronic sources (Currently in development)
  • Ejournals/Electronic journals Check IRIS first using title.
Complete list -- RUL Home | E-journals
  • Electronic resources and services (fee-based searching) RUL Home | Services | Electronic resources and services
  • Emergency Procedures Rutgers Emergency number is 6 – 911 (Access services is responsible for emergency procedures in each library)
  • Fax – do we do it RUL Home | Services | Photocopy services in New Brunswick | Fax Services - fax
  • Government publications – where are they and how to find them
Rutgers University Libraries is a depository library for government publications. The collection is split between Alexander and Library of Science and Medicine
    1. Check IRIS under title of document, though many publications are not cataloged in IRIS
    2. Check government publications card catalog at Alexander or LSM
    3. RUL Home | Web guides | Government information
  • Guest policies RUL Home | Services | Guest borrowers
  • Hours RUL Home | Services | Library Hours
  • Indexes – to find journal articles on a particular subject, i.e. Medline, MLA International Bibliography, Philosophers Index, PsycINFO
RUL Home | Indexes

  • Instruction – bibliographic instruction services for teaching faculty
RUL Home | Services | Information Literacy
  • Interlibrary Loan – policies – RUL Home | Services | Interlibrary Loan
  • Interlibrary Loan – online form on every IRIS web page RUL Home | IRIS | InterLibrary Loan
  • Internet – search the web outside RUL RUL Home | Web Guides | Searching the Internet
  • IRIS RUL Home | IRIS
  • Law libraries catalogs (not in IRIS) RUL Home | Catalogs | click on Camden Law or Ackerson Law (Newark)
  • Legal publications Some basic legal materials for the US and NJ such as the US Code and NJ Statutes Annotated are available at Alexander Library.
  • Media – do we have and where to find (some items in IRIS) RUL Home | Services | Media Services
  • Newspapers Search using title in IRIS
  • NJULS/New Jersey Union List of Serials RUL Home | Catalogs | NJULS
  • OCLC – click on Passport for Windows shortcut on any staff Windows 95 desktop, then click on OPEN
  • Patents Searchable CDROM database and patents on microfilm available at LSM. Information is at RUL Home | Libraries | Library of Science and Medicine | Government Documents :

The US Patent and Trademark Office has a web site at which patents and trademarks can be searched :

Also, the company IBM has a free web site where searches for patents and viewing of full patents are available :


  • Parking (also in CKDB) RUL Home | Rutgers University | Faculty and Staff | Parking and Transportation (under personal services)
  • PIN/barcode Visit any circulation desk or email Ask a Librarian on the web pages to receive a PIN and barcode.
  • Renewals Users can renew their books online by clicking on Self Services on any IRIS web page.
  • Reference manual (only LSM available at this time) --
  • Remote access RUL Home | News | Standing news
  • Reserves -- electronic list of reserves available through IRIS -- RUL Home | IRIS | Reserve Desk
-- Policies – RUL Home | Services | Reserve Services, A guide for faculty
  • RLIN – how to access – RUL Home | Catalogs | Other catalogs outside Rutgers University | RLIN
  • Rutgers INFO (main information pages for RU) -- RUL Home | Rutgers
  • Rutgers Request Service – to get a book or article delivered from another RUTGERS library – find book or journal title on IRIS, then click on "Request this Item" button
  • Searching (fee-based searching for RUL community) RUL Home | Services | Electronic Resources and Services | Fee-based searching services - feebased
  • Security Rutgers Emergency number is 6 – 911 (Access services is responsible for security and emergency procedures in each library)
  • Tax forms – Available in paper at Alexander in Government Publications area and at Kilmer
Tax forms and information on the web
  • Trademarks Searchable CDROM database available at LSM.
The US Patent and Trademark Office has a web site at which patents and trademarks can be searched :

  • UMDNJ Libraries (University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey)

RUL Home | Catalogs | Other Catalogs Outside Rutgers | UMDNJ

  • Visitors – RUL Home | Services | Visitors guide
  • Web guides/subject guides – RUL Home | Web guides
  • Who’s who – Subject specialists, administrators, and staff -- (CKDB) – RUL Home | Libraries | Staff directories
  • Workshops – how to use the library -- RUL Home | Library Workshops

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