NB Information Services-Training Team Meeting April 21, 1999

Attendees: Susan Goodman, Scott Hines, Jackie Mardikian, Kevin Mulcahy, Laura Mullen, and Lourdes Vazquez

We reviewed the "Information Services Training Guide" and Scott will make the revisions and post on the following web address http://lsmweb.rutgers.edu/info_services_training_guide.htm. Jackie will distribute copies at SACOPS on Thursday. This is an evolving document, please continue sending your suggestions to Scott.

We discussed the issue of who will do the actual training of the work study students and interns working at Reference/Information desks. The team felt that it would be best if training took place at the local level, while the training materials and support were provided by the NB Training Team. The Training Team will do the initial training using the new "Information Services Training Guide" as a start for the Central Telephone Team when the 932- LIBS is up and running. The best scenario would be to have the Training Team members come from each of the 4 NB libraries similar to the Local Operations Liaisons serving on the Coordinating Team. We hope to have members from Douglass and Kilmer join the Training Team after the elections. Jackie encouraged members to self nominate for the new NB elections so that we have a big slate for voting.

We discussed baseline standards and knowledge to provide reference service, and computer literacy for reference librarians. We discussed the need for a survey and a needs assessment tool to find out what librarians need to know to become more effective at the desk. The Steering Committee on Training and Development, a new team charged by Marianne Gaunt will be examining training needs for all personnel across RUL. Do we need to follow up on this also? We will discuss the need for a survey at our May meeting. We identified some basic training we need such as downloading and search engines. We will invite computer staff from NB libraries to our meeting in May and ask them if they would be interested in providing informal training (2 or 3 librarians at a time) for such functions as downloading.

Next meeting is on May 26, at 9:30 in the Special Collections Room, LSM.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/nbl/nbisg/archive/trainingteam_min_99_04_21.shtml
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