NB Information Services-Training Team Meeting June 23, 1999

Present Susan Goodman, Jackie Mardikian, Lourdes Vazquez. Invited Mike Giarlo, Scott Mcmillan, Leslie Murtha

We discussed the future of this team, and if we need to exist. Much of the work of the NB Technology Group also involves training in technology related areas. The "Information Services Training Guide" produced by this team and distributed at one NB Faculty Meeting, and which will be available on the RUL web pages in staff resources, could be used as a starting point.
The URL for the guide is: http://.lsmweb.rutgers.edu/training_guide_versions.htm. If you need copies for your reference desks, please call Scott Hines. If we need to exist, who will be the leader for this team as of July? Since this meeting was not well attended, we did not resolve these questions, but hope to bring them to a future NB faculty meeting devoted to Information Services.

We did however, identify three willing and capable individuals who have expertise in such technical skills as downloading, printing, Netscape, basic computer skills. who are willing to train Information Services staff and librarians. If you are interested in such training, please contact Mike Giarlo, Scott McMillan and Leslie Murtha.

As a reminder, the "Instructions for Saving Information Resources from RUL Networking Databases" produced by Leslie Murtha and others is available on http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/indexes/how.shtml. Hard copies have been distributed to the units. If you need a copy, please call Leslie Murtha. You can also find saving instructions when you link from each database on the new RUL web site.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/nbl/nbisg/archive/trainingteam_min_99_06_23.shtml
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