Minutes of November 11, 2009 Meeting

Joe Abraham, Jeris Cassel (recorder), Kayo Denda, Mary Fetzer, Rebecca Gardner, Melissa Gasparotto, Tom Glynn (chair), Qian Hu, Marty Kesselman, Triveni Kuchi, Jackie Mardikian, Jill Nathanson, Gene Springs, Eileen Stec, Tao Yang, Myoung Wilson;
James Harstein, Ron Jantz, Isaiah Beard

Technical Support for Instruction in New Brunswick

Ron Jantz facilitated discussion addressing issues related to technical support for instruction, such as assistance for creating learning objects or modules for availability in RUCore and for the Alexander IHLs.

Comments from the ethnographic study indicate a desire and need for instructional videos. Time and staff devoted to learning software and creating instructional videos remain issues. An SCC Data Curation open house is tentatively slated for January. This will be an opportunity to find out how the SCC facility can be used to support various activities. Jill Nathanson noted that some instructional videos have been created and were presented at the recent State of the Libraries showcase. Myoung provided an example of her course-integrated Communications tutorial assistance for which expertise is needed to make it more interactive. Support for this activity needs further investigation. In the meantime, the Streaming Instructional Video Working Group (SIVWG), a subgroup of the User Services Council, co-chaired by Eileen Stec and Ryan Womack, is engaged in pursuing the current as well as future needs and activities for the creation, maintenance, storage, and access of instructional videos. The co-chairs are scheduled to make a presentation with recommendations at the December User Services Council meeting. Eileen suggested that the discussion on the matter be tabled until SIVWG present their report and guidance is provided from USC. SIVWG was created by the first User Services Council group because of the growing interest and experimentation in developing point-of-need instructional videos for users, and the importance of developing expertise within the library system for creating the videos. Isaiah Beard is on this group.

James Hartstein addressed the matter of SCC facilities support. There is not enough staff to provide technical support for mornings (especially 8:10 a.m. classes) and evenings (especially for classes in session after 6:00 p.m.). Myoung suggested that perhaps Access Services might provide technical support for mornings and evenings. Tom will talk with Jeff Teichmann about training appropriate staff for backup technical assistance.

The group expressed appreciation with applause for the technical support provided by James and Isaiah.

Report of Interim AUL for RIS (Mary Fetzer)

M. Fetzer is working on making major revisions on the RUL guide for faculty. She will be asking for assistance from the RUL Council chairs for volunteers to review content. A goal is to have the guide ready prior to the annual Spring faculty authors event.

She is also focusing on involvement of librarians in the university orientation for new faculty event in August. New library faculty members were invited to the event, but librarians were not involved in providing or distributing information about the libraries.

M. Fetzer noted that she is impressed by what many librarians are doing. However, it is time to step back and look at the core responsibilities of librarianship and to provide better service in liaison roles, instruction, and reference. This emphasis is partly driven by budget and in keeping the profession alive. Such factors as diminished funds for collections and reduced desk services raise concerns about how we are seen at the university. We need to educate faculty, departments, programs, etc. by getting out and delivering services. One of the best ways is instruction. Give faculty and students a recognizable face. Two librarians will be on sabbatical next semester (Kevin Mulcahy and Joe Consoli) and there will not be enough money for instruction adjuncts/part-time lecturers. Everyone needs to become engaged in the core services. A statistical table listing departments (in some cases specific courses, e.g., Writing Program courses) and library research sessions conducted for the past five semesters (Summer 2008 to the present) was distributed for review. Jeris will update the document and make it available via Sakai before the December meeting.

Triveni suggested a task force to look at instruction. Jeris noted that data, documentation, and recommendations have been organized by previous task forces on instruction to unsuccessful outcomes, but perhaps a new group may be more successful. The majority agreed to the creation of a task force that would provide a report to NBISG by March. The following individuals volunteered as members of the group: Marty Kesselman, Gene Springs, Tom Glynn, Triveni Kuchi, Melissa Gasporatto.

Planning for Instruction in the Spring

For the Spring Semester, Jeris will distribute the spreadsheet of library research instruction sessions scheduled for the Writing Program. It was suggested that a specific number of how many sessions to sign up for should be noted and updates on what sessions remain which need librarians. Joe and Tom will work with Jeris on developing a schedule that is easier to use than the spreadsheet.

Phone Reference Service

Tom distributed graphical charts phone reference service request. This discussion was tabled until the next meeting.

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