Minutes of December 9, 2009 Meeting

Abraham, J; Bartz, S; Cassel, J; Fetzer, M; Glynn, T (Chair); Hartman, K; Kuchi. T(recorder); Nathanson, J; Neissen, J; Springs, G; Wilson, M.

Agenda and minutes from November meeting were approved.

Chair Glynn's report:

Please send Mary and Charlene your ideas for big-ticket items. Some of the requests for funding were discussed: Webcams and headsets for all librarian PCs were recommended. Webinar/virtual seminar software was requested for review. This is something that PCWG and also Rich Sandler might already be working on, and additionally OIT might be investigating something for RU as a whole. Further information about software from "inspiration.com" was shared. Another recommendation of scanners for use by students and faculty within the libraries was made and discussion ensued about its advantages, need and importance.

Jeris reported about the success of Libraries' participation in the New Students Orientation during June-Aug 2009. More than 4000 students visited the libraries as part of their scavenger hunt across campuses. Livingston campus is again the host campus for the summer orientations as it is considered the first-year campus. Summer 2010 orientation is currently being planned by Student Life. Student leaders have already been selected and plans are going on about content. Please send Jeris your thoughts about content that can be included in the library portion of the orientation. There are also seminar type options available to provide students 15-20 minutes of demonstration.

Tom will present a summary of the streamlining of Phone reference service issues to ISG via email. Technology and cost have previously been an issue to provide a consolidated phone reference service. However, it would be important to consider advertising one phone number across New Brunswick rather than a list of several libraries with different phone numbers. The one phone could be Alexander reference desk, which can then forward the calls as needed to other libraries. It was also suggested that the phone numbers of the other libraries can remain as listed on the web pages, so that those who browse through can still contact the relevant library. However, placing one phone number next to Meebo and AAL rather than lengthy lists attempts at simplicity (from the user's point of view).

The Instruction Task force is planning to meet and there will be more to report at the next ISG meeting in January.

Next Meeting January 8, 2010.

Respectfully submitted by,
Triveni Kuchi

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