Minutes of April 23, 2010 Meeting

Joe Abraham, Jeris Cassel, Kayo Denda (recorder), Mary Fetzer, Tom Glynn (chair), Sara Harrington, Karen Hartman, Tom Izbicki, Marty Kesselman, Triveni Kuchi, Mei Ling Lo, Jim Niessen, Michelle Oswell, Gene Springs, Jane Sloan, Eileen Stec, Tao Yang, Myoung Wilson.

Report of the NBISG chair

Report of the AUL for RIS

Discussion on best practices for instruction

The main concern is the how can we sustain the same level of library instruction with English 201/301 classes while the number of full-time librarians diminish and less funding is available to hire part-time librarians. At the same time, new programs/courses with a writing/research component, such as the SAS Global Signature courses, are emerging with potential library impact, but there is no formal liaison relationship. A series of discussions under the 3 headings below took place regarding these issues.

1. Use of technology in instruction

2. Liaisoning Effectively with Instructors

3. Use of assignments and quizzes in library sessions

Decisions and Actions

1. Jeris will meet with the Writing Program coordinator to present the NBISG's recommendation: commit to offer only 1 library instruction session per class. Mary volunteered to accompany Jeris.

2. Marty will chart different instructional methods with cost, use of technology, time, impact for the students and the instructor.

3. Jeris will report on best practices for using SAKAI course sites.

4. Tom G will report on what librarians can reasonably expect from instructors with whom they work in Writing Program and other classes.

New Brunswick Information Services Budget for 2010-11

Tom G. reported that there will most likely not be a voucher budget for 2010-11. We need to make plans based upon that assumption. He suggested three principles upon which to base our plans:

The discussion was divided into two parts.

1. Instruction

There was an extensive discussion of how many sessions we will offer to the Writing Program classes. The NBL Faculty voted to offer one session, but to leave it up to the discretion of the individual librarian to offer more than one.

2. Reference Services


Eileen announced that she and Jeris are offering a two-session workshop to Libraries faculty and staff on tutorial design and creation.

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