Minutes of February 4, 2011 Meeting

Abraham, Cassel, Denda, Fetzer, R.Gardner (recorder), Glynn (chair), Harrington, Hu, Johnson, Lo, Mulcahy, Mullen, Nathanson, Oswell, Thompson, Wilson.

1. Approval of Agenda

The Agenda was approved.

2. Approval of Minutes

Minutes of the January 7, 2011 meeting were approved with no changes.

3. Chair's Report

OIT is offering guest wireless to people outside of Rutgers. Current faculty and staff will be able to sponsor guest researchers for up to seven days at a time. This new service is not intended for the general public. RUL PCWG has not recommended a policy on public wireless for our users yet, but the group is discussing it. USC may wish to consider the issue and draft a policy.

Nancy Kranich is convening a Liaison Action Team, which is looking at new roles for library liaisons.

As the March NBISG meeting conflicts with the RUL faculty meeting, we will either reschedule or skip the March NBISG meeting.

4. Demo of "Clickers" for Instruction

Jill Nathanson demonstrated hand held audience response devices, otherwise known as "clickers". Sixty clickers have been purchased for a trial period for the devices. For now, 30 clickers and 1 receiver will be available at the Kilmer library, and the same for Alexander library. All are welcome to try out clickers with library instruction classes. The contact person at Kilmer is Jeris. The contact person at Alexander is James Hartstein. After a pilot period, it will be determined whether or not to expand the program. For now, it would be helpful if those who try the clickers with classes would email Jill with comments about their experiences. People can also share tips and experiences with NBISG via email. Jill will be using clickers in a class on Tuesday. She will share her sample polling questions and initial experiences with the group. Jill will report back on the pilot program to NBISG in April.

5. AUL/RIS Report

ILIAC (Information Literacy Implementation Advisory Committee) is moving along. They are waiting for IRB approval to be able to do interviews with faculty. Alexander has a new reference desk. Current periodicals is moving to the bound periodicals area. Construction for the new café begins Monday. Mary wondered if there could be a central place where current calling chains reside. A discussion of weather/emergency notification procedures followed. There was a suggestion to call those who live the furthest away first, but it was noted that these calls usually come early enough and are finished quickly, so that it probably does not make all that much difference. Another idea was to have a central phone number or website for people to be able to check to determine the status of the libraries. With the new "voice over IP" phone system coming, it may be possible to have an automated call that goes out to everyone, instead of a calling chain. Some stated that they prefer to check email for a status update.

6. Ways to Meet Changing Needs for Instruction in New Brunswick

New ideas for instruction included using web conferencing software such as Adobe Connect and Elluminate for online instruction, however they can be problematic when doing live searches. It may be better to prerecord five minute snippets of searches, etc. and go back and forth to discuss with the class. Myoung suggested auditing online classes to understand better what a different experience it is. Laura suggested creating a series of lessons that students can go to on their own, rather than trying to embed everything into a class.

Several people commented that using "floaters" in class is very helpful. It was noted that using work study students would not cost the libraries anything. Graduate students might be best to use as floaters. Typically we use students from SCI for library projects, but grad students from other departments should also work out well. There are SCI students who are required to assist with instruction classes for class credit. There might also be students who would volunteer to help with teaching to get some experience. Myoung proposed meeting with Jana to see if some kind of structure could be worked out to give current students or recent graduates from the program an opportunity to assist with instruction.

Mary reminded the group that some units do not spend out their voucher money. She also requested that if anyone has needs they contact her as she may be able to help.

Tom proposed a forum or system wide workshops that could be held toward the end of the spring semester on sharing ideas and techniques for instruction.

7. PC Reservation

Joe led a discussion regarding PC reservation privileges. He has looked at the IT acceptable use policy for computing services at Rutgers and drafted a sign that he created for the library setting which he shared with the group. He suggests that the topic be considered at User Services Council.

8. Announcements

Kevin announced that an exhibit highlighting the literary and cultural influence of John Milton is opening soon.

Kayo announced that the Margery Somers Foster Center is sponsoring an undergraduate award for excellence in multimedia.

Myoung asked that we encourage any potential candidates for the Digital User Services Librarian to apply for the position.

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