Minutes of April 1, 2011 Meeting

Joseph Abraham, Stephanie Bartz (recorder), Mary Fetzer, Melissa Gasparotto, Tom Glynn (chair), Pamela Johnson, Mei Ling Lo, Kevin Mulcahy, Jill Nathanson, Michelle Oswell, Eileen Stec

1) Chair's report

2) AUL's report

3) NBL/SC&I post-grad program

Myoung Wilson has suggested that NBISG work more closely with SC&I to mentor graduates, particularly those who are interested in working in academic libraries but who lack experience. To that end, Mary Fetzer and Tom Glynn met with Jana Varlejs and Kay Cassel to discuss setting up such a mentoring program. The issue is complicated by the lack of a budget or a "for credit" option to compensate the graduates for their work. The program would need to be substantial enough to assist in furthering their careers and improving their chances of finding employment. The work assigned might include reference, instruction, the development of online materials such as Libguides and tutorials, etc.

Timing also presents a challenge since most of the students graduate in May, so they won't be available until after the period when they'd be most useful and most able to see the day-to- day activities of an academic library.

Some basics were proposed athe meeting with Jana Varlejs and Kay Cassel:

There was some sentiment among the members of NBISG who were present that it might be more logical to expand work with for credit interns and field experience students rather than those who have already graduated. Further discussion is needed and will take place at a future NBISG meeting when Myoung Wilson is able to attend.

4) PC Reservation time limit workarounds

5) Wireless access issues

6) Computer access for alums and Community Borrowers

7) Announcements


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