Minutes of July 8, 2011 Meeting

Joe Abraham, Stephanie Bartz, Joseph Deodato, Mary Fetzer, Judy Gardner, Rebecca Gardner, Melissa Gasparotto, Tom Glynn, Karen Hartman, Qian Hu, Pamela Johnson, Triveni Kuchi, Mei Ling Lo, Kevin Mulcahy, Laura Mullen, Jill Nathanson, Jane Sloan

1. Chair's Report (Tom Glynn)

Glynn reported that a new version of PC Reservation will be installed with the re-imaging of public workstations in August. He will inquire with IIS about possible new features. Mulcahy suggested modifying the reservation system to allow serious researchers (i.e., students/faculty from other institutions and alumni) more time at library computers. Abraham noted that the user management functionality of the system has not changed with the new release and this may not be possible. Glynn announced that NBISG will be exploring possible alternative products for next year.

Glynn reported that Adobe ConnectNow was demonstrated at the last USC meeting. He will inquire with IIS about training and after which we can explore options for using videoconferencing to enhance reference services. Utilization of the software is up to individual librarians for the time being.

2. Implementing Gimlet for collecting and compiling reference statistics

Glynn reported that Gimlet accounts have been set up for all NB libraries. Each library has flexibility in customizing their interface and deciding what data to collect.

Abraham noted that the automatic reporting feature allows for cross tabulation of only two variables. More complex reports will have to generated manually by exporting and manipulating the raw data in Excel. Glynn noted that since data collection will not be standardized across libraries, comprehensive reports will require additional data manipulation.

The primary goal is to pilot Gimlet for the fall and then decide how RUL should move forward. Glynn noted that current data collection practices vary considerably among different libraries. The User Services Council has discussed statistics at recent meetings.

Mulcahy inquired whether chat and email statistics should also be standardized to match data collected at the desk.

J. Gardner recommended that circulation be excluded from data collection unless there proved to be a demonstrated need for it. NBISG agreed.

Glynn asked each reference team to configure their own Gimlet implementation and be prepared to launch by August 1st. NBISG will meet in the spring to evaluate the pilot and discuss next steps.

3. AUL-RIS report

Fetzer encouraged all to register for the upcoming seminar on workplace violence.

4. Assessing and responding to the newest Counting Opinion reports

Glynn announced that new reports from the Counting Opinions survey are available via Sakai on the RUL Assessment site. To subscribe, contact Christine Wolff (christine.wolff@rutgers.edu).

Fetzer noted that bathroom cleanliness, the need for extended graduate study hours, and noise levels were among some of the most common complaints. Fetzer suggested that all teams review complaints related to their library and report back to NBISG with possible solutions.

Abraham noted that some comments appeared in multiple categories making it difficult to determine severity and recommended that the raw (uncategorized) data also be posted. Glynn will ask Jeane Boyle if this is possible.

Glynn asked the reference teams to review comments, respond to complaints when possible, and report back with summaries and with possible solutions at the October NBISG meeting.

5. Liaisons to non-teaching departments

Glynn reported on a discussion at the previous NBLF meeting about appointing library liaisons to non-teaching departments. Fetzer offered a point of clarification by noting that the University Librarian is not interested in establishing relationships with all non-teaching departments, only those related to academics. Ryan Womack has already overseen an extensive database of liaison relationships for NBCG. Glynn will ask him if he's willing to identify non-teaching departments that might be added to the database and report back to NBISG.

Sloan noted that instructional technology would be a particularly appropriate area for library involvement and recommended a liaison relationship with OIRT.

Hartman suggested that the Libraries take a more active role in administering and providing training for RefWorks. Deodato volunteered to help administer and support RefWorks if OIRT is agreeable to the idea. Mulcahy will add the issue to the next USC meeting agenda for discussion and follow-up.

6. Announcements

Bartz announced the arrival of a new batch of staff PCs and advised any staff in need of replacement to contact their UCS.

Mulcahy announced the posting of the Art Librarian vacancy.

Glynn announced that Joe & Jenn's baby shower will be held at 2pm in the Pane Room.

R. Gardner reported wireless networking problems at Chang. Abraham noted that OIT is currently investigating a campus-wide wireless problem. He also pointed out that there have been some device compatibility issues since the transition to RU Wireless Secure in spring. R. Gardner suggested that information about the new configuration procedures be added to the library FAQ page.

Fetzer inquired about the status of the VOIP project. Abraham said that a survey of the infrastructure was scheduled but will contact OIT for a status update.

Meeting adjourned at 11:25am.
Respectfully submitted by Joseph Deodato.

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