Minutes of April 13, 2012 Meeting

J. Abraham, S. Bartz, J. Deodato, M. Fetzer, R. Gardner, T. Glynn (Chair), K. Hartman, M. Just, M. Lo, K. Mulcahy, J. Niessen, M. Oswell D. Schulman, G. Springs

1. RefWorks Workshops-M. Lo

M. Lo described well-attended workshop(s) conducted at LSM that focused on the science community. The workshops were co-taught with Marcie Anszperger from the Center for Teaching Advancement & Assessment Research (CTAAR). The workshop was comprised of three parts: (1) how to import citations from the Library Catalog; (2) how to import citations from popular science databases, and (3) advanced features, including write & cite for MAC users.

M. Lo noted that CTAAR conducts RefWorks workshops and she and J. Nathanson have attended these. The group discussed the possibility of extending the reach of library workshops beyond the science community. Development of a LibGuide for Refworks was suggested and several attendees volunteered to assist on this task, as well as look into future library workshops on citation management tools.

2. Single VoIP Phone Number for the Libraries-J. Abraham

Alexander has been given the phone number range for our 848 numbers. J. Abraham discussed the message number to be used for people unfamiliar with the libraries. The number would treat New Brunswick and Piscataway as "one building." Camden and Newark are not converting to our VoIP. June 29th is the target date for the implementation of VoIP at Alexander. Details on implementation for central telephone reference need to be sorted out. Some issues to be considered: it is only students at the Douglass Desk, librarian back-up, training, etc.

3. Chair's Report-T. Glynn

Glynn spoke with T. Purger about appointing a group to review PC Reservation type products. Our contract is up in November.

Integrated Information Systems (IIS) has created a page to report problems with RUL wireless connectivity (http://www4.libraries.rutgers.edu/wireless_issues). A patron can fill out the form at the Reference Desk. The form informs both IIS and OIT.

User Services Council (USC) voted to adopt the READ (Reference Effort Assessment Data) scale. Agreement will need to be reached on how to define each level of the scale. A pilot will be implemented in the fall, and final adoption is expected by July, 2013. The scale works with various reference statistics packages and will provide consistency in RUL wide statistics.

4. AUL for RIS Report-M. Just

M. Just has completed her RUL orientation and will be setting up individual appointments with New Brunswick librarians. She also reported on the unintended consequences of an attempt to designate the floors in Douglass in a more logical manner, i.e., by number. Because of how the electrical and fire panels are linked to the current designation system, the change cannot be made without substantial financial cost. Hence, we are back to named floors in Douglass.

M. Just noted that Richard Edwards will be the interim RU President until Dr. Barchi's effective date, September 1, 2012.

5. Mobile Devices at the Reference Desks-M. Oswell

J. Nathanson and M. Oswell have taken the lead on obtaining the tablets and circulating them among the NB reference desks: iPad, Kindle Fire, Samsung, Asus. Each tablet has a suite of apps. Feedback is needed on the devices. Drop-in lunches this summer with J. Deodato and M. Oswell was suggested as a nice means of playing around with the tablets and discussing potential uses, etc.

6. New Librarians' Toolkit-T. Glynn

The group discussed the purpose, goals of a "toolkit," as well as the information to be included. A LibGuide would be a suitable platform, with RUL information as well as local libraries information tabs. The initial step will be each library creating its own guide, i.e., do it locally first. S. Bartz will undertake a draft guide for Alexander and M. Oswell will do the same for Douglass. M. Oswell will also email the Dana Library reference guide as a model: http://libguides.rutgers.edu/dana.

7. Using Tags in Gimlet to Record Stats More Uniformly-T. Glynn

T. Glynn led a discussion on the feasibility of creating standard Gimlet tags for routine reference questions. More uniformity would make the statistics more interpretable, perhaps. A group would have to come up with questions and tags and a consensus on these. Other concerns included the lack of consistency across all of RUL in terms of reference statistics. There were clear differences of opinion on the usefulness of doing this now, particularly in light of the adoption of the READ scale and the potential for an entirely new system of gathering reference statistics across RUL. The group decided on a "wait and see" approach.

8. Announcements

G. Springs reminded the group to take the LibGuide survey.

J. Deodato also asked members to respond to the USC survey on catalog option displays.

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