Minutes of August 10, 2012 Meeting

Joe Abraham, Kevin Mulcahy, Tom Glynn, Mei Ling Lo, Stephanie Bartz, Karen Hartman, Jane Sloan, Jill Nathanson, Megan Lotts, Jim Niessen

1) Chair's report

2) VoIP and Centralized Telephone Reference

There was a lengthy discussion about the new Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone system and centralized telephone reference. Some issues that were discussed included how the number will be publicized and where it will appear on our webpages. Currently the plan is to have all of the calls go to the Alexander Library reference desk, which has the longest hours and currently handles the bulk of the calls. At present it is not known whether Camden and Newark will participate. Some of the issues we discussed can't be resolved until that is determined. The new main number (848-932-6000) will be implemented by fall. The Alexander librarians will discuss what they will say when they answer a call, how to transfer calls, etc. With VoIP, it will be relatively easy to make changes in the service as conditions change.

There was a question about whether it would be possible for library.rutgers.edu to serve as an alias, mirroring www.libraries.rutgers.edu. IIS is not interested in making this change. Glynn will explore whether the User Services Council is interested in pursuing this further.

3) NBISG Goals for the next year

A preliminary discussion of goals for the coming year yielded the following suggestions:

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