Minutes of the New Brunswick Information Services Steering Group Meeting
Date:  Nov. 18, 1999
Place: Kilmer Library

Present: Ilona Caparros, Jeris Cassel, Scott Hines, Ron Jantz, Penny Page, Pat Piermatti, Lisa Vecchioli,
Myoung Wilson

1.  Minutes of the 10/21 meeting were approved.

2.  Agenda items were suggested for the December meeting:

* Review of reference statistics
* Roles and responsibilities of local operations liaisons (this should be included
     in reference manual)
* Follow-up on information services model discussion from NBLF 11/19 meeting
* Reference models/configurations for D21
* Coordination of NB instruction programs

3.  NB information services model:

     Reviewed the draft proposal for an integrated information services model.  We will add a goal at the beginning–the development of a New Brunswick-wide information service.  This will be discussed at the 11/19 NBLF faculty meeting.  If endorsed, we can begin implementing training and exchange programs simultaneously, beginning with members of the ISSG.  Elements of a core training program should include search engines, CKDB, and RUL electronic reference shelf and research guides.

     Pat Piermatti gave brief update on status of centralized telephone reference.  Piermatti, Giarlo, and Mullen are drafting the final report, which should be ready for discussion at January or February  ISSG meeting.  The central phone line is available, but we will have to find a way to pay for it.  This will not eliminate local numbers.  Once endorsed by ISSG, it goes to Ryoko and Library Administration for approval.

4.  Spring semester reference hours/staffing:

     Penny Page will collect reference hours for all NB locations for spring semester. These will be posted on the NBL Web page and also distributed via email to the RUL list.  Scott Hines will collect hours from Newark and Camden; he has been talking to Jeanne Boyle about possibility of posting all campus reference hours on the RUL page.  Jeanne will be visiting all NB locations, beginning with LSM on Dec. 6, to get a better sense of how information services are being handled.  Building hours for RUL have not yet been posted; Myoung will check to see when we can expect these.

      We need to ascertain staffing needs for information services for next semester.  LSM is losing one person and Douglass is negotiating for another line.  In the meantime will we need extra bodies at the reference/information desks?  All liaisons should assess the needs at their locations and report how many hours of voucher help they will need for spring semester.  These should be reported to Jeris Cassel within the next two weeks.  Myoung will see how much money we have available.  Also, consider if there are any special projects that might need to be done, in case we have enough funds.

5.  NB program coordination:

     What instruction programs do we have in NB that need to be coordinated?  For English 102 we need to have a pool of people available to do these.  Jeris reported that the Instructional Services Committee is looking at this systemwide, and she will report to us at our December meeting on the status.  Lisa Vecchioli is working with the Shaping A Life program at Douglass, and she will report on this at the December meeting also.

6.  D21:

     Lisa reported that Douglass has to submit its space needs for D21 by Tuesday (11/23).  There are major concerns regarding the type of reference service that will be needed and how space should then be configured.  For example, should there be one combined circulation and information desk?  In this configuration there would be no reference desk, but reference librarians would be available for consultation.  The next meeting of ISSG will be held at Douglass, so that the group can get a better sense of space and possible configurations.  Refreshments will be served.

7.  Online term paper project:

     Myoung talked to Gary Gigliotti (Faculty Instruction and Technology Support Committee) about our proposal, and he informed her that the libraries are not considered a teaching department.  We would have to partner with a specific department in order to have a chance for funding through the Department Instructional Technology program.  The other option is to try for funding from the ICI (student computing fee) program, which focuses on proposals to upgrade information literacy.  This year’s emphasis is on improving science literacy.

     Lisa reported that the Shaping A Life program already has an Internet component, but it has focused on teaching the teachers.  She will bring more information on this program to our December meeting.  Since this program is already in place, we might be able to use it as a prototype to include our term paper clinic as well as a virtual library tour.  Lisa and Scott will reshape our proposal draft along these lines.  We may want to invite the coordinator of Shaping A Life to a later meeting.

8.  Next meeting at Douglass Library, Dec. 16, 9:30 a.m.  The Reference Assistants will be invited, and we will solicit additional agenda items from them.

Penny Page
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