Re: Minutes of the New Brunswick Information Services Steering Group Meeting for Thursday November 16, 2000

Present: Jeris Cassel, Ellen Gilbert, Tom Glynn, Ron Jantz (recorder), Penny Page, Pat Piermatti, Myoung Wilson

Welcome to visitors Kayo Denda and Tom Glynn.

New Food and Drink Policy

Jeris presented the experience at Kilmer with introducing drinks into the library. The basic policy is to allow drinks in covered containers which can be either styro-foam (e.g. from Dunkin Donuts) or containers that one might purchase (e.g. at Au Bon Pain). No food is allowed. This policy has been posted with large custom made signs at several strategic points in Kilmer library. Jeris pointed out that the experience has been very positive with no spills and students cooperating very well.

After discussion of the Kilmer experience, Myoung proposed that we launch a pilot project in the Spring which would implement the policy as it has been trialed at Kilmer (i.e. covered drinks, no food). Myoung will discuss the policy with Farideh and then announce the trial at an upcoming NBLF meeting. We also recommended that the libraries not offer plastic cups for sale.

Microfilm Machines Procedures for Replacements

Jeris also introduced this topic noting that the microfilm readers at Kilmer are frequently in disrepair (sometimes only 1 of 3 machines is working) and it is difficult to have the machines repaired. Since we now have and will continue to have a sizable microfilm collection, it is time that we took action to upgrade the microfilm readers throughout NB libraries.

Myoung proposed the following actions: 1) She will add the microfilm reader issue to the agenda for the next Coordinating Committee. This is an NB wide issue and we should take an inventory of machines and microfilm collections. 2) Myoung will address a memo to Ryoko with a copy to M.Gaunt, J. Boyle, M. Fetzer and the NBISSG indicating that this is both a long term and a short term issue. In addition to the Coordinating Committee action, we should also find a solution for those libraries that have an immediate need.

Copy Cards and Requests for Change

The new copy card procedures require that you first have a one dollar bill to get a copy card and then you can add to this card using larger denominations. This situation has increased the requests for change and there are very few places where students can get change. Myoung will put this issue on the agenda for the next Public Services Council meeting.

Information Literacy Course

There was considerable discussion on having NB Libraries provide a required course in information literacy, perhaps similar to the course in Research Methods that Joe Consoli put together several years ago. There was no resolution or action taken on this topic; brainstorming will continue on how to get such a course approved and other related issues.

Cell Phone Policy

We reviewed the cell phone policy as a follow-up to the discussion in the recent PSC meeting. It was agreed that enforcement of this policy would be left to local units.

Position Descriptions

The position descriptions for the Instructional Services Librarian (2 positions) and the Digital Initiatives Librarian were approved.