New Brunswick Information Services Steering Group Meeting
Thurs., December 13, 2001
- Conference Room, Kilmer Library

1. Minutes from November meeting approved. MK took minutes today as RJ had
to leave early. Ron will take minutes for Jan. meeting.

2. Spring Leaders: Lunch for Jeris who will be on leave during the Spring
is for next Tuesday, Dec. 18, at 12Noon, Charlie Browns in Highland Park.
Ben Beede has agreed to be acting reference team leader at Kilmer and Leslie
will be instructional liaison to ISSG. MartyK will be an acting vice-chair
for ISSG during the Spring.

3. Douglass Reference Hours: There was agreement to change the hours as an
experiment as we Douglass librarians suggested during the Spring semester to
10-7 M-Th and change Sunday to 1-6. There was some concern raised about a
"pullback in service" which continued into a larger discussion on the role
of the reference desk, something we will be discussing much more at our
January meeting (January 10). It's interesting to note that Kilmer has seen
an increase in reference traffic this semester and because of SAL, Douglas
did somewhat as well. Jeris pointed out that although the 6-8 time frame can
be quiet at Kilmer that many students come in to use the library around 9PM
and later.

4. ACIC -- MartyK (on the team last year), Stephanie Bartz, Stephanie Tama
and Leslie Murtha will comprise the NBL team to develop a proposal. Some of
the things we've decided to look at for funding are the following: NetOps
site-license, replacing SCC lab machines and recycling those computers,
Instructional computers with shared thin screens for all NB reference desks,
and portable classrooms (a wireless one for Douglass and a laptop one for
Alex). We will need to prioritize as we can probably hope to get $60-65K
from ACIC funds and should probably request 100K. We will discuss a
preliminary draft for our January meeting.

5. Information Fair -- Task force created to develop Fairs at the Busch and
CAC student centers in the Spring. Myoung is meeting with Rutgers college
assistant dean and head of campus centers. Task force includes Laura
Mullen, Stephanie Tama, Triveni Kuchu but several NB librarians will be
involved with the fair.

6. Reference Manual -- only needs some small additions on staffing from
Myoung. Penny will then send the manual to Karen to be placed on NBL

7. Reminder that reference exchange and AAL volunteers needs to be
finalizing. Ref team leaders need to pass on this info.

8. From PSC / WAC -- Stephanie will follow-up regarding headphone jacks
with new computers. Ann M had mentioned that these could possibly be moved
to the front of the machines. With new machines, anonymous email will not
be possible. Mail-to links for librarians on research guides and other
places will be changed to forms by Sam. MartyK has volunteered to do a
tri-fold guide to reference services for RUL and the website. Metalib and
SFX were demonstrated in NB and Newark -- RUL is seriously considering
purchase -- has many implications for reference librarians being part of any
implementation. Problems with web-caching and ResNet continue. Analysis of
instructional statistics from last year is needed.

9. EMAIL Alerts (SDI) -- Triveni demonstrated a draft page she created on
our various databases that offer email alerting services such as the OVID
databases. Triveni is meeting with Jeanne about this on Monday and how to
go about turning on the option for OVID and having a page like hers
available on the RUL website. ISSG members provided enthusiastic support
for her efforts.

10. News from around NBL -- Alex has plans for A22 which includes adding a
student computer lab at Alex, making changes in the configurarions of the
reference and information desk, providing an extension of the datacenter
resources on the first floor. Cathy Pontoriero begins as a temporary 6
month librarian V at Douglass as a replacement for Scott Hines who will be
working on a PROP related to Ask A Librarian service. Marzetta Amor has
been hired to work an average of 10 hours a week at Kilmer while Jeris is on
leave. LSM is interviewing for their 60% line, hope to make a decision
early next week. SMLR hired Mary Fraser as their new librarian to begin in
January. Line reports to dean of SMLR but person will be involved in NB and
RUL faculty (similar to Penny Page's positition).

Next meeting is January 10 with 2 agenda items: New Models for Information
Services and ACIC Preliminary Draft.

Best, Marty

Martin Kesselman
Information Services Librarian / Reference Team Leader