New Brunswick Information Services Group
Meeting Minutes

Present: Ron Jantz, Marty Kesselman, Kevin Mulcahy, Penny Page, Pat Piermatti, Sabine Rauchmann (Guest), Myoung Wilson (Chair), Ryan Womack (Recorder)

  1. August minutes were approved.

  2. Sabine Rauchmann was welcomed as a guest. Sabine will be observing information services activities across NBL during her stay.

  3. Myoung will be away next month. Penny will chair the next meeting. Any agenda items should be sent to her.

  4. Discussion of Real Time Reference Service. Real Time Reference was identified as a top goal of Public Services Council for this year. Money has not yet been allocated for continuation of the Live Assistance software, but as soon as it is, the service will be restarted. Concerns over staffing and workload related to RTR were expressed. Evaluation of student research needs will help to identify where services are most needed. Marty is beginning a survey on this issue.

  5. Voucher funds should be spent aggressively up to 5% over the allocations, using special projects if necessary.

  6. NB Reference Manual will be updated to include new information on the Public Access to Government Records Law.

  7. Discussion on Instruction. An online form would ease data collection of instruction statistics. Ron and Myoung will investigate this. Everyone should get their statistics to Marilyn Tankewicz in a timely manner. Online tutorials should be investigated for handling large groups of students. A couple of Dialogue grant proposals are being put forward on this issue. It was suggested that Ryoko's office coordinate preproposal if possible. Staffing for Spring English 201 sessions should be discussed at a future meeting.

  8. Training of new staff/IAs was discussed. Douglass has developed checklists for training and a listserv for discussion of reference issues. It will not be possible to coordinate training among different libraries due to schedule conflicts.

  9. Reference hours for NB are complete and will be posted on the NBL server.

  10. Ask-A-Librarian discussion. Concerns were expressed over patron privacy and the volume of e-mail. New software may be coming to help with this.

  11. New information services personnel include Jordan Brewster (Alex), Maria Larson (LSM), Ann Bemis (Kilmer), Kathleen Creegan (LSM), Mei-Ling Lo (Math), Laura Mullen (LSM), Anita Kreitman (Douglass).

  12. Miscellaneous updates: Gale print titles included in the online Reference Shelf will be cancelled. D21 renovations will start in March. The instructional alcove will be moved downstairs. Aweb site will provide updates on construction. CKDB should be included in training for new hires. NetOps software still has bugs that need to be ironed out.

Respectfully submitted by Ryan Womack