Information Services Steering Group
Meeting Minutes
February 13, 2003

  1. December Minutes approved. Instruction topic was moved to the beginning of the agenda.
  2. Statistics Gathering for Instruction -- what statistics are needed?
    Linda Langschied joined us for this discussion with the intent of simplifying the statistics and using a web based form.
  3. There was a discussion regarding undergraduate instruction in the New Brunswick Libraries and various strategies that should be considered. There was discussion about the need for simple solutions, the use/need for face to face instruction, scripted options, teaching by SCILS students, and teaching the teachers. No conclusion was made but there is definite need for wider and further discussion on this topic.
  4. Reference Manual was updated to include a bomb threat section.
  5. The NBL Laptop Use Policy was endorsed.
  6. An Inventory of library listservs now resides on the NBL website.
  7. ACIC -- NetOps (last years funding) is being purchased.
  8. News from PSC related to an update on the AAL-Live service, PALCI, OpenURL, and Wireless discussions
  9. Updates: Problem of kids in the library in Douglass; LSM hosted a group of Russian librarians, lots of weeding and shifting going on. Isaih's position is being upgraded and reclassified (as well as Tony's position at Douglass); the D21 website is now live; Math Library is going ahead with a wireless installation with funds approved by Ryoko; PC Coordinators are working on updating the NBL Website.