Information Services Steering Group
Meeting Minutes
Thursday, September 11, 2003
Kilmer Library

Present: Stephanie Bartz, Jeris Cassel, Tony Joachim (guest), Pam Johnson (guest), Kevin McGuire (guest), Kevin Mulcahy, Ferris Olin (recorder), Penny Page, Pat Piermatti, Myoung Wilson (chair).

Approval of Minutes - Minutes of August 21, 2003 meeting were approved.

Agenda Changes - Adopted

New Business

Reference Associates and Unit Computing Specialists were introduced and they reported on their "wish lists" and projects. Wish lists:

      McGuire (Kilmer): All staff machines to have Windows 2000 installed (RUL PC plan includes this goal. Half of staff PCs already upgraded, the rest remains to be implemented based on budgetary constraints.)
Action: NBISSG will lobby to make this a priority as funding becomes available.

      Joachim (Douglass): Encourage staff to upgrade and maintain their computer skills through their participation in training sessions held on-site.
Action: PC Coordination Team will identify appropriate topics (e.g., NetOp, basic Windows, etc.) for localized on-site training purposes and consult with M. Wilt as needed. NBISSG will place this issue on agenda for discussion with Tehrani and Sheehy at its October meeting. Invite Smulewitz to attend meeting, as well.

      Johnson (LSM): Work with Systems to utilize our machines to their capacities i.e., patrons unable to use jump drives and other data storage apparatus on our public machines.
Action: PC Coordination Team will send out NBL-wide notice to make reference folk aware of the increasing requests for such services and the best way to handle the question. PC Coordination Team will follow up with Systems.

      Due to heavy uses of the LSM Special Collections Room as public meeting place, ceiling mounted projector should be installed; rather than requesting Media to deliver equipment each time needed.
Action: This need was mentioned to Systems, and Bartz has added it to her 'needs' list.


      Joachim: Web development and maintenance; D21Phase I planning and implementation; additional development and maintenance of web sites with subject selectors in Women's Studies and a tutorial for Communication 201.

      Johnson: Update and maintain reference CD work stations; coordinating clean up of IRIS records with Collection Services.

      McGuire: Revised maps of Kilmer collections' locations to include locations of electrical sockets for laptop use in newly installed wireless environment
Action: Bartz will contact RUCS to find out the time frame for posting wireless coverage maps for each library.


Ongoing Business

Discussion of executive summary of Information Literacy and Library Instruction in NBL developed by NBL Instruction Group (Cassel-convener, Gardner, Kuchi, Libutti, Mardikian, Murtha and Stec).
Action: Cassel and Mulcahy will reassess the present recommendations for short term and long-term goals and present their report at one of the ISSG monthly meetings toward the end of the fall semester.

Portion of voucher funds is planned to be used to hire PTLs to teach overflow Fall '03 requests not already being handled by NBL faculty. Cassel is coordinating these efforts.



Public Services Council: Wilson will provide Reference Team Leaders with copies of PALCI information packet.

Douglass: Pre-semester meeting between Reference Team and Access Services as first step in developing D21 Information Services operating service point. Continued planning and discussions needed.

Alexander, Kilmer, LSM, Branches, NBL Reference Collection/RUL Generalist Team, NBL Instruction activities, CKDB Team, PC Coordination Team- no reports.



Agreed to meet with Reference Associates and Unit Computing Specialists again when their Training proposal is ready.

Meeting adjourned.


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