Information Services Steering Group
Wednesday, June 16, 2004
Alexander Library

Present: Stephanie Bartz (recorder), Jeris Cassel, Sara Harrington (guest), Kevin Mulcahy, Ferris Olin (recorder), Pat Piermatti, Myoung Wilson (chair).

Approval of Minutes
Minutes of the April 8, 2004 were approved with amendments.

NBL ISG/ISSG Structure
Preliminary discussions took place concerning the organizational structure of the group and the Team Leadership structure. At an earlier meeting, the NBISSG adopted a practice that only tenured faculty could serve as team leaders, but the NBL Reference Manual was not amended to reflect this change. Given staffing at some libraries, there have been times when a team leader has come from the ranks of a librarian within the tenure stream, i.e., Kayo Denda was appointed Acting Reference Team Leader for 2004-05 at the Douglass Library. Issues raised:

Discussion will continue at the next meeting as this item becomes "on-going business."

Follow-up on Seamless Information Task Force Report
Myoung will follow-up on discussions with Access Services once Farideh is back.

NBL Instruction Coordination Report
Jeris and Kevin will draft a report describing the training, mentoring and use of PTLs to meet the increasing demands for instruction; and include a statistical report. NBISSG will ask that the report be an agenda item at a full NBL faculty meeting.

Planning/Marketing Strategies for AY 2004-05
Information regarding the Fall 2004 graduate student orientations have been shared by Tom Glynn. The RUL new student web pages, designed by Leslie Murtha, needs to be reviewed and tweaked. It could then be made available for new student orientations. Jeris will ask A. Bemis to work on this. We may make it into a book mark and send to Barbara Bender at the Graduate School for distribution.

Myoung, Karen Hartman, and Jeris are working with the Rutgers College academic community orientation by planning a training session with dorm peers and supervisors.

On-line directories/virtual tours committee (Kevin McGuire, Heather Huey, Stephanie Bartz, Megan Doyle, and Karen Wenk) is at work to create something that will be a new reference tool.

Off-library sites services was discussed. Due to personnel deployment concerns it was decided to discontinue experiments with such services for now. However, each Team Leader is advised to consider placing RUL brochures (Remote Access, CRL, Borrowing Privileges, etc.) in campus student centers.

Voucher Requests 2004-05
NBL request for voucher funds will be made shortly. A few Team Leaders still need to get their requests to Myoung.

Public Services Council Update
Sara Harrington joined the group. She distributed and discussed the "Reviewing Service Goals for Undergraduates: A Public Services Council Working Document." She will ask for feedback from the NBL faculty and others.

Unit Reports

NBL Reference Collection/RUL Generalist Team
Elections are taking place.

The next meeting of the NBSSIG is scheduled for August 12 at 9:30 a.m. at the Kilmer Library.