Information Services Steering Group
Thursday, October 14, 2004
Kilmer Library, Conference Room

Present: Jeris Cassel (recorder), Karen Hartman (guest) Ron Jantz, Kevin Mulcahy, Mei Ling Lo (for Pat Piermatti), Penny Page, Roger Smith (guest), Eileen Stec (for Kayo Denda), Myoung Wilson (chair).

Approval of Minutes
Minutes from the previous meeting were not currently available.

Campus Outreach Programs
Your libraries@Campus Center

Myoung expressed appreciation to Access Services for taking lead in a library presence in the Busch and College Avenue Campus Centers this fall. Presence is anticipated in all four campus centers in the spring. Roger Smith provided an overview and update of the experience at the campus centers. The primary target population was undergraduates and the primary goal was to raise awareness of library procedures, especially related to PIN, Self-Services, and remote access and to engage students in library-related matters. Inquiries fell into three categories: reference, access, and directional, with directional being the largest number especially at Busch. The experience was good overall. The following recommendations for improving the experience were proposed: provide better signage, move from behind the desks and distribute brochures, involve younger workstudy students, provide a presence in late November with the anticipation of more reference questions, and provide giveaways such as planners with the RUL website address.

Residence Outreach
Karen and Jeris reported on their experience with co-instructing the one and a half-hour hands-on training session held in August for the Rutgers College Academic Community Program (ACP) residence peer assistants. The program was useful and worthwhile, but more time was needed for a longer session or, preferably, a follow-up session later in the semester.

Karen reported on her experience with participating in late night sessions for the Rutgers College First Year Residential Learning Program on the College Avenue and Busch Campuses. Given minimal attendance of six (6) and 14 students, NBISSG supports continuing with AC, but not with the dorm program sessions.

Campus-wide Outreach
Francoise and Myoung met with John Karakoglou, Assistant Director of Campus Bus Services, to explore the idea of library sign advertising in the campus buses. In principle, advertising is not done on the campus buses. Nevertheless, the director was persuaded to yield two sign spots to the Libraries. Francoise provided a budget of $2,000 maximum. Myoung talked with Galen Work, Director of New Brunswick Computing Services, to consider putting RUL logo on all lab computers.

Penny reported on the progress of the Campus-wide Outreach Subgroup (Penny, Roger Smith, and Kayo). Several catchy phrases were proposed and discussed. Student workers were surveyed for their preferences. The RUL logo for the signs will be paid with Library Administration funds (thanks to Marianne). A free half-space ad has been arranged to run in the Fall 2005 class schedule publicatioin. Copy is due by February 1.

Discussion ensued on the importance of an organized marketing plan. Students should be involved. Penny will contact Ryan Womack about the possibility of a marketing campaign project through the School of Business students. Roger Smith will talk with the functional group that deals with student assistants regarding surveying assistants on worthwhile advertising spots on campuses. Ron will talk with Sam regarding the software possibilities and technical feasibility on collecting data in relation to use of the RUL logo.

Status of ISSG Sub/Ad-hoc Work Groups
There was a confusion about the status of various ISSG sub/ad-hoc work groups.
In principle, ISSG sub/ad-hoc work groups are appointed to address/accomplish specific tasks. Once the tasks are completed, these sub/ad-hoc work groups no longer remain as a standing committee. The NBL Online Directory Work Group or the Seamless Information Services Task Force are good examples.

The Librarians without Borders Team was decommissioned; however, the librarians involved are encouraged to continue pursuing the concept as they wish.

The newly constituted Campus-wide Outreach Team will continue into the Spring 2005 semester and will be decommissioned.

NBL-wide Instruction Coordination
Kevin and Jeris are working on a report to be discussed at a future meeting.

Seamless Information Services Task Force Report
Myoung will talk with Farideh regarding a decision regarding the substance of the report.

NBL ISG and ISSG Organizational Structure
Myoung asked the group to think about the organizational structure (i.e., optional models) for information services for discussion at the next meeting.

Unit Reports

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