Information Services Steering Group
Thursday, December 9, 2004
Kilmer Library, Conference Room

Present: Stephanie Bartz, Jeris Cassel, Kayo Denda, Pam Johnson (guest), Kevin McGuire (guest), Kevin Mulcahy, Penny Page (recorder), Pat Piermatti, Myoung Wilson (chair)

Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the Oct. 14 meeting were approved with two changes--Penny Page should be listed as "present," but Stephanie Bartz was not at the meeting. Myoung asked for clarification regarding our discussion on ad hoc subcommittees. We decided that such groups should be disbanded once their specific task(s) had been completed. Myoung will formally thank the Librarians Without Borders group (Laura Mullins and Triveni Kuchi) for their pilot project and notify them that their group is now disbanded, as per discussion in the Oct. minutes.

Public Services Council Update--Myoung Wilson:
Myoung distributed various handouts from PSC, including material on library support for collaborative programs and a list of these programs. The policy information is found on the RUL website under Administrative Services. She also distributed information about the Information Technology Strategic Planning Committee. Jeanne Boyle is a member of the Governance Subcommittee, and Gary Golden is on the Teaching and Learning Subcommittee. Reference Team Leaders should share the above information with their colleagues. Another handout summarized the recommendations of the First Time Library Users Task Force. A list of budget needs resulting from the Communications Audit was also dsitributed. Myoung recommended to PSC that the RUL logo be added to the desktop of all library public PCs. This was approved and will be done when Systems re-images the machines in January. Unfortunately this will not apply to the computer labs.

Myoung and Stephanie have been testing the use of netID for access to licensed databases via a program called EZProxy, which is browser independent. This would be a great improvement for our users, although it is not without problems. For example at this point in testing, if the user emails a link to an article, it will not work. EZProxy will probably be implemented in the spring.

New Personnel--Myoung Wilson:
Alexander has hired Mira Foster as a Librarian V. Tony Joachim has also accepted an NBL wide Librarian V position, so we will need to find a replacement for his current position (unit computing specialist).

New Business--Myoung Wilson:
We agreed that in future if there are no librarians present in a building, the information assistants (or Access staff if the unit ref desk is closed and other unit ref desk is open) should be told to call Alexander or LSM for reference backup as needed. When this situation occurs, as a professional courtesy the reference team leaders at backup libraries should be notified to expect possible calls and should share such information with the unit colleagues . Also , when the reference team leader is away from the office and all other librarians are also unavailable at the same time in a unit (as happened in Douglass Library), the ISSG chair should be notified and will act as reference team leader for that unit for the duration.

The Alcohol Studies library personnel will be reduced to two in Jan. and Feb. due to foot surgery for one staff member. This could result in occasional closings due to illness, important meetings, etc. In such cases, Penny will notify the RUL-Everyone list (with date and time of re-opening). If the absences will be more than one day, she will try to arrange other coverage.

On-going Business:

Campus Outreach Programs--Penny Page:
Library ads have been posted on the campus buses (Wilson distributed copies). Penny distributed copies of proposed text for half-page ad in the NB Fall Schedule of Classes 2005 (which comes out mid-spring semester). The group suggested adding bullet to encourage physical visits to libraries and then moving the URL to the bottom. Penny will make changes and send to Arun Mukherjee (head of scheduling office); copy is due by Feb. 1. She will also ask if he can post this ad on the online version of the Schedule of Classes. In view of the recently proposed Marketing/Communication Team for RUL, ISSG decided to curtail further efforts to post messages on the NBL campus. Therefore, the ISSG ad hoc Campus Outreach Group has been disbanded.

Organizational Structure:
Myoung led group discussion of ISSG structure, suggesting it was time for review. This review was prompted by a question whether non-tenured faculty should be asked to serve as reference team leaders, since their administrative duties will diminish their time available for research. Also , questions were raised at NBL meetings if the position of ISSG vice-chair(s) should be elected . Myoung suggested we might want to look at different structural models. Pat suggested the chair be changed to a full-time administrative position with greater authority. Kevin recommended keeping a faculty model but decreasing the chair's other activities to allow more focus on ISSG. Myoung offered a much different model in which reference team leaders would assume a managerial role and would work directly with the NBL director, while ISSG would focus on policy issues. Members would be elected to reflect major issues such as who we serve (ugrads, fac/staff, grads), marketing, instruction, etc. Kevin suggested that regardless of what model we choose, we could bring items forward for broader discussion at the NBL meetings on a regular or as-needed basis. Further discussion led to consensus that for the present we should tweak our current organizational model. Specific suggestions included lessening the other library duties of the chair and giving short research leaves to non-tenured persons who serve as reference team leaders (to compensate for lost research time). We will have a special meeting on January 25 a.m. (or Jan. 26 p.m. in case of snow) to continue this discussion. Myoung and Pat will facilitate.

Unit Reports:

Alexander--Kevin Mulcahy:
Mira Foster will start as Librarian V doing reference and instruction on Jan. 3. She was a former PTL at Kilmer and a reference assistant at Alex. Heather Huey is leaving Dec. 17.

Douglass--Kayo Denda:
Kayo distributed results of a user survey conducted at Douglass in October. Most users are undergraduates (81%), and their main use of the library is for quiet study area. Exit statistics are way up (thus far they are 80% of total year's statistics two years ago). Renovations have been well-received, but there are problems with some areas being configured for multiple uses (hard to isolate for special functions). User wish lists included a café, more PCs, quiet and group study areas. We need to improve signage--users don't always know that more PCs, bathrooms, etc. are available. We will be distributing bookmarks to thank survey respondents. Access and Media Services are now taking reference statistics.

KAL--Jeris Cassel:
Lauren Chester's contract has been extended for three months. Staff have been using the NBL online directory maps and have made printouts to give to users in the library. Kevin McGuire pointed out that the maps near the elevators in Alex are not accurate. There will be an open forum on the campus 12/10 dealing with the College Town proposal (housing and retail shops) on Livingston campus.

LSM--Pat Piermatti:
Hector Perez-Gilbe has resigned and is now at the University of Miami. Jill Nathan son has taken over the collection of LSM reference statistics. Pat and others are working on updating the LSM Quick Guides to reflect changes on the RUL website. In January RUL will be getting the FDC Reports online package, which deals with the business of healthcare and pharmacy.

Instruction--Jeris Cassel:
Jeris is interviewing another potential adjunct for library instruction. She and Rebecca Gardner have been testing the instruction tutorial model, and it will be available for further testing by library faculty in January. The finished version will probably not be ready until fall semester 2005.

PC Coordination--Stephanie Bartz:
The NBL website has been redesigned and now includes a search function. Tony Joachim did much of the work on this; send any comments to Stephanie. Kevin McGuire will start working on the NBL page soon. Stephanie asked whether we want to continue posting local reference team minutes on the website; there are big gaps in some cases. Team leaders will query their colleagues, and we will go with the majority decision.

Next meeting (tentative) :
Please hold January 25, morning; snow date Jan. 26, afternoon The date and time will depend on the completion of the NBL tenured faculty meeting scheduled on 24 th (snow dates 25 th and 26 th) . Information will follow as we get closer.

Respectfully submitted,

Penny Page

Secretary du jour