Information Services Steering Group
Thursday, April 14, 2005
Kilmer Library, Conference Room

Present: Stephanie Bartz (recorder), Jeris Cassel, Kayo Denda, Rebecca Gardner (guest), Ron Jantz, Anthony Joachim (guest), Marty Kesselman (guest), Mei Ling Lo (for Pat Piermatti), Kevin Mulcahy, Penny Page, Myoung Wilson (chair).

  1. Approval of Minutes:
    Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting was postponed until the next meeting.

  2. Adoption of the Agenda:
    The agenda was revised to include the Role of Tony Joachim as New Business, and the order of the first two items of On-going Business were reversed

  3. NBL Election, Spring 2005 for ISG:
    There was discussion concerning the structure of the Steering Group (e.g., whether vice-chair(s) should be elected or appointed, how branch libraries should be represented, etc.). All structural changes were finally tabled due to the time frame of the NBL elections. The newly elected chair of the Information Services Group can pursue these issues

  4. Role of Tony Joachim:
    Requests for Tony’s assistance on projects should be sent to Myoung as Chair of the Information Services Group. Since Tony is an NBL librarian based at Douglass, the Chair of ISSG is his supervisor. Projects should have relevance for NBL.

    Tony’s first project will be to review the instruction statistics database, determine what types of online reports are needed in order to allow NB librarians to easily derive data, and develop those reports. Tony will also be meeting with Marty regarding the Chang grant. Tony will report back to ISSG periodically.

    Kevin will contact Natalie Borisovets about adding Tony and Mira Foster to the Ask a Librarian team.

  5. Alternate Information Services Model
    There was an introductory discussion of whether standards should be changed so that not all librarians be required to offer services at the traditional reference desk. No conclusions were reached but several issues were raised:
  6. Seamless Information Task Force
    Myoung met with Judy Gardner and Francoise Puniello to discuss the report. The supervisor line is the real issue and there is no line available for the position described. Judy also expressed some concern with the idea of NBL-wide training as opposed to local training. She will see that local training is treated as a priority. The report will be retained and can be revisited in the future.

    The perception is that local training can be uneven and that some minimum standards should be enforced across NBL. Information Services would like to have some input into Access Services training for public service. Myoung will contact Judy Gardner and invite her to attend the May 2005 NBL faculty meeting to discuss the issue. Roger Smith, and Andy Martinez will also be invited to attend. A special meeting of ISSG will be scheduled in May if Judy is unavailable on May 20

  7. BL Wide Instruction Coordination:
    Three SCILS students were hired as adjuncts. Several Librarian Vs have also been heavily involved in instruction, so not all of the funds allocated for the hiring of adjuncts have been expended. The remaining money will be reallocated. Feedback from course instructors regarding both the adjuncts and the Librarian Vs has been positive.
    Further coordination is needed for English 201. A debriefing meeting for those who taught English 201 sessions is planned.
    Jeris and Kevin will report on instruction for the May NBL Faculty meeting.

  8. Reports